One of the things that I'd always wanted to do is write a book, not a big book, but just put into solid form all the things I'd written on Go Figure. But alas I haven't had the time to do it.

Luckily someone has got their A into G and been very organised and written a great book on weight loss for women. If I were disciplined to write a book it would probably be something like what Dean Geddes has done. Dean, who's a nutritionist and PT at Les Mills city Auckland, has done a fantastic job putting together info in an easy to read way for us to understand.  

left: Dean and Lisa with his weight loss book

I usually have a chinwag with Dean when I'm in gym training and sound him out on various nutrition issues that I'm not sure about. So when I found out he's written a book, I had to check out what he has to say about his thoughts on weight loss.

Dean's book 'the revolutionary 2 Fuel Tanks System for Superfast Weightloss for Women' is a great resource book for those girls (and guys who want to know how their girls tick!) who are wanting to know how and what food affect their bodies.  Dean explains the role of protein, carbs and fats and simply tells you how the body uses energy via the 2 fuel tank system so you can optimise fat burning...and ultimately increase fat loss.  He also gives you sample diet plans for people on the 'go'!

Coupled with his diet strategies, Dean also outlines the role of exercise in your weight loss mission.  He reveals the optimal time to exercise and the ratio of weights and cardio to maximise your workout efforts.  And if you happen to overindulge too much, his book also reveals how to overcome all those calories by telling you how to get the work the calories off before they 'stick' to you.

 Sample Image  This book is a one stop place for lists of the good and bad of everything to do with nutrition; examples include
* Superfast weightloss promoting foods
* High energy foods and ingredients to avoid
* Good fats, bad fats and trans fats
* Restricted Foods
* Approved beverages
* Aerobics and calories burned

More than just about nutrition, this book also covers the mental aspect of weightloss. He talks about how to handle the rollercoaster of weight loss (and weight gain) and gives you ideas on how to handle the triggers that cause you to binge.

What I like about this book is that it gets to the point and its not too big! Its is a great resource for gym goers and PTs alike.

  Its very easy to read and puts things simply in a way we can all understand. The book gives some examples of diets and also outlines benefits and how and when to take supplements.

Even if you already know alot about nutrition, I think this book would make a great addition to your collection. Its certainly in mine!!  now I'll have to write about something else!!  thanks Dean.  


Buy this book now! only $29.95
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