As weight trainers and fitness lovers, I know there's one thing we love  more than training - and that's eating!

So I'm sure you'll like this new feature product - the New Musashi Bulk Bar  - that I had the pleasure to taste this week. 

The bar was delish. Although I do wonder they called it Bulk bar considering it has 27.4g protein, which is quite high for a protein bar in the market out there.  

Thought they'd go with a name saying it was high protein.  In the 80g bar there's the 27.4g protein, 6.6g fat and a mixturef carbs and modified carbs. From what I see there's 9g total carbs. Sugars 3.4g.  Then in the modified carbs there's Polydextrose, 8.2g. Sugar alcohols; Maltitol 9.2g, Sorbitol 0.5g, Glycerine 0.6g. While modified carbs are metabolised differently in the body, they still contain calories.

The bars come in Chocolate and Berry flavour. The texture of both bars is bit like a Moro (not that I've had one for a few years), you know the soft feel of that gooey chocolate but without the runny caramel. I'm a choccy girl, so had that first after training. The chocolate wasn't too chocolatey but still quite pleasant and satisfied the chocolate taste. Throughout the bar there's nuggets of protein which added to the texture and was quite nice too.  I didn't think I should be a 'guts' and ate both bars at same time so waited till next workout to try the berry. 

I don't really like anything berry or bananary and try to avoid berry flavour bars or shakes like the plague, so wasn't really looking forward to the berry Bulk bar but you know, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do to get the story. So I bit into the berry bar and it wasn't too bad as it wasn't too sweet. I certainly didn't eat it as fast as I did the chocolate one that's for sure! but still it was satisfying after training.

I think these bars are great and certainly good for after training as its high protein and low carb content to help recovery. But think its probably wee bit pricey as its $5.60g for 80g bar!!!  yikes.  Considering an Aussie Bodies bar goes for around $6 for 100g, and usually last 2 meals. I would put the the Musashi Bulk Bar in the 'treat' category.

However, if you want a change from your usual bar and want to be little bit extravagant then give the Musashi Bulk Bar a go! 

Lisa, Go Figure


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