Chicken in a Can? Well I never thought I'd see the day when chicken came in a can but I guess if they can get tuna in a can then chicken wasn't too far away.  This product will be a godsend to many dieters and bodybuilders alike and I'm sure its going to help some of those who just hate cooking chicken...or anything else! with their meals and snacks.

Chop Chop Chicken is a new product which is sold beside the canned tuna. And I must've been at the right supermarket (foodtown Mt Eden) at the right time to grab a few of the shelves as these aren't available at all supermarkets yet I don't think.  So you could just imagine my delight when I saw these chicken in a can and what convenience its going to bring to me and my clients.  

Chop Chop Chicken comes in 3 flavours: smoked chicken, chicken in sea salt and chicken in light mayo.  I must admit I was wee bit sceptical about having chicken from a can and all the ramifications of eating chicken at room temperature.  Afterall chicken is one of those foods you have to cook thoroughly and store properly otherwise there's always the threat of bacteria growing in the food. 

But in the name of research, I put my body to the test....geee the things I do for you guys and gals! All the cans I had were 85g and they averaged 18g fat and 1.5 g fat, although the chicken in mayo did have wee bit more fat. I only had 1 can a day to make sure that each can wasn't going to give me any stomach problems!

Chicken Chunks in Springwater and Sea Salt was the first to go through my taste inspection at morning tea. I don't mean 'go through' as in go through to the toilet sort of thing. But you know what I mean.  Once the can was opened you can see the chicken chunks and it smelt ok but did it taste ok?  As it was packed in spring water, it wasn't too salty but I guess it needed the salt to preserve it.  It actually tasted not bad and the chicken was quite soft unlike tuna where it can be abit dry. 

Chicken Chunks, Smoked Flavour.  Yep like the normal spring chicken but smoked. Smoked chicken usually have higher salt content and this one while has salt, only has 50mg more salt than springwater. So if you're after a little taste and flavour then this one could be a good alternative.  Once again the chicken is soft and easy to eat.

Chicken in lite mayo.  Now this one was the one I was least looking forward to eating, basically because of the mayo and the potential creamy content.  Unlike the other chicken, this one is shredded and the mayo is stirred through it.  Doesn't sound as gross as it sounds don't worry!  the mayo's actually not too bad and not too heavy and creamy like a real mayo.  Surprisingly, it has less salt than the other 2 flavours, only slightly higher fat content at 1.9g but with wee bit higher carb content of 4.4g.

The Verdict

Eating chicken is one of those facts of life for dieters and bodybuilders. Its high in protein and low fat but sometimes it just gets plain old boring (unless you're Maree Stubbington and has a million seasonings in her cupboard!) when you just can't be bothered cooking it. 

As for the health aspect of eating chicken out of a can, its probably safer than if you cooked it yourself as the cans are hygenically sealed and is generally stored in a cool place. But I could be wrong so if anyone knows more about the health aspects of canning chicken then feel free to write in.

So I think having the option of these Chop Chop Chicken in a can does give some variety to your meals if you're pushed for time or want to have a 'lazy' day from cooking and storing food in your freezer!  Girls can probably get away with having the 85g can as snacks with rice wafers and/or veges but think guys would need to have the 185g can to get the protein content.

Can't quite recall the prices of the cans but probably expensive way to eat chicken. But hey, if you're not having the cans everyday it probably evens out for the stress of not having to cook the chicken.  Its an easy out but at least you're eating relatively cleanly and makes a change from canned tuna right??! 

Lisa, Go Figure 

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