Sample Image Just a quick snacksize review of the New Musashi WPI (whey protein isolate) protein powder that my tastebuds had the pleasure of tasting over the holidays.

Musashi has recently reformulated many of their protein powder lines and thank goodness they did as the last musashi powder I had a while ago was really hard to mix and I found it abit chalky! maybe that's why I haven't had any recently.
However, in saying that I'm glad to say their new formlation tastes and mixes alot better. WPI is a high grade protein powder and because of its purity I've found that I can handle it alot better than WPC. Being lactose intolerant, I find that if I have WPC I get abit sniffly and puffy so WPI, whether Musashi or any other brand that has WPI, I can cope with it quite well and don't get any stomach upset.

The new flavours are quite mild. I had the choc and vanilla flavours. The choc isn't too chocolatey and they both mix pretty well with my rice flakes or on its own as a shake after working out. Per 30g, Musashi WPI has 26.6g protein, .4g carbs and .4g fat so a good shake for weight conscious people and those dieting.

Lisa, Go Figure 

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