Gosh its been a while since I've drunk out of a test tube, probably the last time was back in my Uni days experimenting with a few mixers but I can't quite remember what happened after that.  

Anyway! to the present and the 'Blue Rage' blue water of the New iSatori Energize Bullet which is locally distributed by TopMark Nutrition. The Energize bullet, which is marketed in a shape of a big 85ml test tube, is the next step from the Energize tablets which you maybe familiar with. In its liquid form, the energy formula is more readily to be absorbed by the body.

Tastewise, Energize Bullet tasted like a sweet and tangy cough medicine. The formula contained energy boosters Vitamin B1, B6, B12 and in their 'Propriety Hardcore Energize Bullet formula" contained formulation of caffeine, tyrosine 
amongst other which also helps to boost energy. Interesting to note that there is 300mg of caffeine in this blend - an amount equal to 4 serves of black coffee! however I didn't actually feel the kick of caffeine so I guess the blend was so that the body absorbed and distributed the supplements slowly in the body, thereby 'energizing' it throughout the day.

I haven't actually had the energize tablets before so not familiar as to what the product is to do. So it was with anticipation that I drank the blue liquid 15minutes before my morning cardio jogging on the treadmill. The labelling said it was "hardcore" so I was expecting some kind of huge rev up but I didn't actually feel a 'kick' like you do with thermos during or after my cardio. However, I did feel a 'hum' for about 5 hours after my cardio and felt slightly more focused during the day.

A positive about this drink is that it didn't give me a sugar rush when you first drink it like most energy drinks do. There is sugar in form of sucralose but 3g is minimal in an energy drink.

If you're looking for a supplement to give you a 'kickstart' before cardio then this might not be exactly it but if you're looking for a constant humming alternative to having energy throughout most of your day, then the Energize bullet might be ok for you. I'll have to try the tablets to compare their performance!

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