I don't know about you but I've tried most brands of thermos from local to American products like Hydroxycut, Hot Rox, Pitbull, Thermo dynamix and more I can't remember over the years. I haven't taken any for a couple of years because most give me a headache and get me more hyped up and anxious rather than feeling like anything is actually happening in my fat cells.  

I train and diet best when I'm happy so have avoided thermos that tinker with my nervous system too much as I'd like to be a good mellow mood without any drama.

Since Balance were sponsoring the starter kits for our 8 week challengers, I thought I'd better give them a go to make sure my clients aren't going to be too hyped up for their challenge and remain relatively calm throughout their challenge using the Balance liquid carnitine and possibly the thermoripped down the line.

I'm pretty sensitive and responsive to most things I eat, and have taken many types of supplements to know what's good or bad, so if the thermos and carnitine were going to get me too hyped then no doubt others will feel it too. So once again I put my body on the line to test the Balance liquid carnitine and thermoripped and so far with good results. I've maintained high energy levels when I work out and during the day and has helped my weight loss.  Read my 3 week Makeover Challenge update for more details


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I've been taking 2 Balance thermoripped capsules and 10ml liquid carnitine twice a day (although the label recommended 3 times - I don't think I need that much as things are going ok just on 2 times a day) before morning cardio and before lunch for over week.  I was 3rd week into my dieting and needed some extra energy boost for my cardio and work during the day, so thought I'd trial it and its definitely given me some extra oomph during the day.

I was worried that the thermos were going to make me too anxious. You know with some thermos you can definitely feel your heart racing super fast and you feel like going a million miles an hour, you don't get that effect with the Thermoripped.  If you like that overanxious feeling then you might not like the thermoripped but I like it because its understated.
Sure there is that heart racing feeling about 15minutes after taking it but I prefer the tiggly cooking feeling you get after you've done cardio and you can feel the thermos still working making your skin prickly for an hour or so after finishing cardio, know what I mean?? 

The other time I take the thermos is before lunch and I can definitely feel my thermostat rising double time when I'm digesting so hopefully that means more fat loss from the energy burned. Its also he;ped me reduce appetite. But one thing you have to do when taking thermos is drink lots of water!  water will help your body process the benefits of thermos better so drink up.

 Sample Image I combine the Thermoripped with Balance Carnitine and they go well together.  While the thermoripped gets my metabolism up, the Carnitine helps to release and sustain energy throughout the day - which I definitely need!  Just incase you're wondering what L-Carnitine is, its an amino acid and the primary transporter of fat and metabolism of fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane where fat is burned to produce energy. High levels of available L-Carnitine increase the rate at which fat is burned.

As its a liquid, you do have to drink it. Being a bodybuilder (well try to be!) I'm used to eating and drinking stuff that might not taste good but I'll eat it because I have to. Which is the same reasoning for having the L-Carnitine, it takes like cough medicine but kind of tangy. Not the greatest taste but does the job. Just hold your nose!!

I won't go into too much details about ingredients in both products as you can check them out at www.balanceproducts.co.nz but I do believe in sticking with the basic ingredients, whether its diet or supplements, the products above give that. 

As I belive that health comes first and I want to diet and exercise as safely as I can, I don't think you need to take anything too hardcore to get the results you want.  Sure it might take a longer time than taking something that would give you some shortcuts but you have to think about the consequences. 
So stick to the basics and you'll get there!! healthy and safely.
Lisa, Go Figure

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