Lately my little sweet tooth has been knocking on my tastebuds. I've been good with clean eating for the past 5 weeks now and nothing sweet and gooey have passed these lips but its oh so tempting to just go and get myself a Magnum to fix the sweet craving.  But ofcourse being a good little gym bunny I've been good to resist the temptation to gorge myself with anything coated with chocolate.....

....until the good people at Horleys sent me a small parcel full of Horley's New Carbless Crunch low carb protein bars!!  now that's a food parcel too good to resist but I was fully under control!

So I have this sweet tooth and I was dying to try the New Carbless Crunch bars but I had to time my snack so that I was having it when I really wanted the sugar taste. As well as eating it early enough in the day so I could burn it off, as I'm meant to be dieting afterall!! 

I really wanted to have some after dinner but I knew that wasn't best option as having too much calories (whether from a bar or any other food) wasn't going to be effective for fat loss since I wasn't going to be burning it off.
I chose morning tea time to indulge my sweet tooth on the 'Chocolate crunchy nut' flavoured Carbless crunch bar.  Admittedly I'm not a big nut fan but a big fan of chocolate so I was excited to have one of my favourite flavours on my tastebuds. 

When I first opened the packet ( a pretty deep pink purply colour..must be aimed at the girls eh Horleys?!!) the bar looked very decadent and rich and I knew this was going to be filling, which was what I needed as I was quite hungry. The bar looked solid full of nuts but biting into it, there was some nice bits of rice bubbles mixed in there too and although it was chewy it wasn't too much jaw work. On the ingredients list, it promised real chocolate and yep I certainly tasted it but wasn't too sweet which I didn't mind.

Compared to the normal carbless bars (which I found bit too chewy for me), I think the crunch formula is slightly better as it has a higher fibre content which made me feel more satiated. In the 50g Carb less crunch bar there was 17g protein, 6.2g carbs, 7.7g fat and 10.7g dietary fibre.

  So not bad for a low carb, however I still had a protein shake with it to increase protein content - I usually have a protein shake with any bar I have - not just Horleys! - bit of a habit.

The Horleys Carb Less chocolate crunch nut low carb protein bar did satisfy my sweet tooth and thanks Horleys for coming to the rescue!!

9 Feb 08

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