I've had quite a gastronomic week sampling PVL's Whey Gourmet Protein powder range of latest flavours. So have been looking forward to my post workout shakes trialing the various flavours. 

All the whey gourmet range has an average of 22g protein and 2g carbohydrate per serving and is a blend of WPI and WPC. The WPC component is actually Whey Concentrate Peptides which is faster absorbing then normal Concentrate. If you have no dairy intolerance this formula is fine for you but if you have some intolerance, like me, you may experience some tiredness. 
I'm not huge peanut butter fan but Americans love their peanut butter flavours, so no surprise Whey Gourmet has a 'smooth peanut butter chocolate' flavour in their range.

As its not my most favourite flavour, thought I'd start off with it first. I found this one quite hard to mix in the shaker as there were a few little lumps left floating around so had to use a spoon to squash the lumps and make it smooth. Luckily the taste was more chocolatey than peanut buttery but if you like taste of peanut butter, you'll like this.  Plus its not too sweet. 

Out of all the flavours, I reacted to this the most and felt quite tired and looked puffy afterwards, due to my allergies. I think if you have no allergies then this will be fine for you.

I'm not into fruity flavours but Whey Gourmet's new selection is quite fruity so my tastebuds are going to be in for quite a sensation!  First fruit was the 'Creamy Orangesicle Swirl' Hmmm the thought of an orange milkshake didn't really appeal but I'll try anything once. And to my surprise it was actually quite nice. Mixed well, no lumps and it really was creamy and not the watery orange I thought it was going to be.

Radical Raspberry Smoothie was next on the list. Again, this one mixed well although not as creamy as the orange. It tasted a little watery, but probably a good thing as it could've easily been overley sweet. You can definitely taste the raspberry though and almost those little seeds in raspberry as well!

The final of the fruit flavours was 'Strawberry Banana Smoothy'. Wasn't quite sure what to make of this flavour as it wasn't too strawberry or banana in its flavour. It smells like banana and looks strawberry but wasn't definitely either one.  Don't think this flavour worked so I reckon either strawberry or banana would be the go.

Next up is a flavour I'd been looking forward to, Classic Chocolate Chip Mint. I've had choc mint flavours before but found them quite sweet and sickly but this one isn't too bad. Nice chocolate taste without being too minty.  I probably could force myself to have a whole tub of this flavour.

Overall I think the flavours were well formulated as most wasn't too sweet and the flavours for the most part is what is says on the packet. So if you want to get your tastebuds some adventure then you could try the Whey Gourmet flavours.


  PVL Mutant Mass. I would definitely turn into some kind of round mutant if I had this powder on a regular basis!  this powder is definitely one for the big boys or boys who want to get real BIG. Great for those who need lots of calories post workout and the extra shakes during the day for extra calories. There's 525 calories per serve (about a quarter of my daily calorie intake!) which includes 85g carb and 26g protein. Mutant Mass is loaded with all sorts of nutritional goodies. 
There's the isostack 10 protein blend, plus Lithotherm blend which is basically a blend of good fats like MCTs, CLA and flaxseed oil and a blend they call Clean Carb which I gather is a low GI carb blend which uses barley starch so that the carbs are delivered into the system slower.  Tastewise, I had the chocolate and it was very tasty.


PVL Iso Stack 10. Like the name says, this protein is stacked with many sources of protein in its formula with the aim of delivering protein at various times into the system after ingestion. Why do you want protein delivered at various times?

so your muscles can be constantly delivered with muscle building protein throughout the day and/or night.  The proteins in this formula is loaded with proteins from protein isolate, concentrate, WPC. There's also eggwhite and fat free egg yolk protein isolate and calcium caseinate which is slower to breakdown in the body.  This is probably a good protein powder to use as night time drink for hardgainers who could use the slow release protein to help repair and build their bodies overnight.  I had the cookies and cream flavour but tasted more like vanilla, nevertheless it mixed well and filled me up for a couple of hours!

Whey Maxx is the PVL whey protein isolate formula which includes reduced lactose whey protein concentrate. As it was low lactose I didn't get all the side effects of puffiness and tiredness so I enjoyed having the shakes after my training! I had the chocolate hazelnut and banana royale - no, they're not one flavour!  choc hazelnut was chocolatey which I loved. But wasn't too keen on the banana (not a big fruity girl remember).  It smelt like banana but the taste was bit watery. But whey maxx good for those who have allergies and want higher quality protein with high biological value - as most WPIs do.

I think with both the Iso Stack and Mutant Mass, you'd need to take it regularly for a few weeks to experience and see the benefits the extra 'bits and pieces' of the formulation have on your system. As I've only used them on 1 off basis I can't really offer how they'd benefit in the long term.  I know I'd definitely morph into a round mutant if I had the Mutant Mass too often anyway!

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