The ability to recover from workouts is just as important as the effort you're putting into your training. The feeling of soreness a day after your workout is a feeling I look forward to, like most weight trainers, its a sign that you know you've put in the effort.  Must be the massichist in us!  while I love that sore feeling I think its more important that the recovery is speeded up so you can train hard again on another bodypart.

I usually take L-Glutamine and BCAAs after weights and in evening before bed. But for the past couple of weeks I dropped the straight L-Glutamine but have been taking the Musashi Recovery instead but still keeping the BCAAs as capsules.

The Musashi formula has Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine which are BCAAS and also L-Glutamine which help with recovery. So if you can't afford both a recovery and BCAAs, then maybe just a recovery formula will do.  For energy it also contains L-histidine and creatine but its the L-Proline and Glucosamine component which is helping with lessening the 'creakiness' of my joints and not making me feel so achy in the mornings. Lately my knees have been bit sore but whether its because I've added the recovery, not sure, but it has helped with feeling more stability and less knee joint pain.  I also have some lower backache, that's still there - probably need a good massage to get the knots out! - but less knotted than usual since taking the formula.

Generally I feel quite refreshed for morning cardio (yes still doing it eventhough I'm officially off the 8 week challenge) and can work through any muscle soreness.  Tastewise, its not so palatable taking its on its own.  The lemon taste is bit powdery but actually takes quite good in protein shakes, and even better when stirred in with my yoghurt and chocolate protein powder for dessert. Almost takes' like cheesecake.

Lisa, Go Figure
17 March

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