I've had quite Glad couple of days trailing this new packaging.  Been wrapping all sorts of things from chicken (ofcourse), veges, kumera, fish. You know, all the basics of a bodybuilding diet. And thought it was quite a handy product because unlike their 'glad wrap' plastic, this one actually makes it more like a bag with all the corners sealed.  I find with the plastic wrap that it gets bit messy and especially if there's moisture build up, everything just goes soggy,
whereas with the press n seal, its kept in a tight air pocket and everything's pretty fresh when you open it. The great thing about this is that is is microwaveable so you don't have to put it into another container if you want to heat it up.
I think the press n seal would make a great space saver for the travelling health nut because you don't have to take a gazillion containers for all your separate foodstuffs.  Especially if you're going overseas (or domestic) and travelling one way and don't want to have heaps of containers in your luggage which could be saved for you shopping! 
  You can make the press n seal into any size of your food so instead of their 'glad bags' where you have to buy boxes of different size plastic bags, you can just make the press n seal bags into any size you like.
This way of wrapping is probably not economical for day to day carting of food but definitely if you're going travelling, camping or goodness to a bodybuilding comp! then this is good alternative to the container.
Lisa, Go Figure
7 April 08 

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