Thank you for the opportunity to trail the Purple K. Well to be honest at first it made me feel quite sick and gave me a spewing feeling; however I was using hot rocks at the same time and taking both prior to my workouts. So I quickly put an end to that stack. So now onto the good news, I really felt an increase in strength in a short period and my workout intensity increased at the same time. (Example of strength increase DB Bench Press week 1 struggled with 62.5kgs, week 2 6 reps same weight no spotter) And finally I managed to get a real good pump in the gym which hasn’t happened for a long time. I do believe it is still too early to attribute all the increases to Purple K as I had changed my diet and was more focused in the gym. However I think there is some merit in the Purple K creatine. One huge positive was no loading and the creatine being in pill form which was real easy to take.
Donovan Bickford

This is my first time trying Creatine. From my experience, I used this product for about two weeks and found that I had more energy to push out extra reps and energy was amazing. My workouts felt like my strength had improved in such a short time. This product is convenient to use as it comes in capsule form and no pre loading is required as other creatine products.

More Fusion Products
Purple K is another high quality product from Fusion Bodybuilding. Purple K is a kre alkalyn, a buffered creatine, that means you won't experience water retention, stomach discomfort or bloating. Creatine is a staple in most strength and bodybuilders' supplement regime for its ability to help with increase muscle strength - and with it muscle size.  For more info on purple K go to

What is FUBAR? FUBAR is a pre-workout complex by Fusion that works by activating your motor neurons and increasing spinal excitability. FUBAR contains Green Tea, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Yerba mate and theobramba cacao.

I've had all sorts of reports and reactions from people who took FUBAR who've taken a FUBAR capsule between training, and with mixed reactions!  some got quite itchy, some a headache a couple of hours later but generally they did feel a 'kick' to their training.  I took a FUBAR capsule about 20min before my training (legs that day!), wasn't feeling too energetic so thought I'd give the FUBAR a go to see if could give me some spark.  It wasn't till I was midway through my training that I felt bit warm and heart rate elevated, but that could be because of the training!

For me, the jury's still out on the FUBAR as I probably need to take 2 capsules to get that mental alertness from it that you're suppose to feel. Then again, I don't want to get too wired!! and maybe trail with just 1 but next time take it before morning cardio to see what the difference is on an empty stomach.

However, I have been feeling abit more 'oomph' from taking the Fusion SUB Q thermo formula which I've been trialing for the past week.  I feel it gives me that get up and go in the morning for cardio - when I do it! - and that low hum feeling all day that something's happening in my body. I took 2 first thing in the morning (regardless if I do cardio or not) and 2 before lunch. 

The feeling from this is similar to the Balance Thermoripped where I'm getting the energy but not feeling 'over the edge' from taking thermos either. At first it made me feel itchy but then that went away as my body got used to it.  The SUB Q is a unique formulation in that it also contains BCAAs. OK it probably hasn't got the dosage as if taking BCAAs on their own but the BCAAS in this formulation will probably go some way towards helping with energy and recovery you need during your vigorous cardio workouts. 

Lisa, Go Figure
4 May 08

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