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A couple of weeks ago I got fed up with boiling and micorwaving my veges and kumera so I decided to buy a steamer. I got a George Forman one to match my George Forman Grill! For AUD$60 it was the best buy for comp prep. It comes with three tiers and a special rice steamer which can be used all at once or individually. Thats all you have to do is fill the bottom part with water, set the timer and all the hard work gets done for you. I hardboil my eggs, steam my kumera and cook my broccoli all in one go. 

As comp time gets closer and the diet gets tighter you can even steam your chicken and fish in it, only takes around 45 mins. The steamer comes with a booklet with steaming times etc so its pretty easy to use. The only down side is that after each use you have to empty the water cylinder at the bottom, and wash each tier......although I find this easier than washing saucepans etc. Basically you can chuck a whole days food in it, set the timer and watch TV while it cooks! Makes food prep a whole lot easier in my opinion, I would be lost without it!

by Emma, training for July INBA Comp Australia
Apr 08

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