Here's a cool idea I found at my local $2 shop.  Usually I wouldn't get excited about things from the $2 shop but sometimes those shops do come up with some interesting gadgets and things.  And on this particular day at St Lukes Akl, I was bored, so went browsing and found this little gem tucked away under a shelf of bags, makeup cases and other useless but useful items.

I saw a stack of orange, green and blue containers and I thought 'oh they look pretty' so picked it up to check it out.  I'm always on look out for containers to put my food in - as you know food is very important in our fitness lives and we have to transport it in the best possible way!
When I picked it up I saw that there was a gel kind of stuff moving around in the lid and also at the bottom of the container.  On the lid it said 'Cool Gear', so I figured this was a self contained freezing container - I'm bright like that!
I thought wow that is a cool idea. Having a container that freezes and stays cold while you're in between fridges or placed in a cooler bag means that it'll lessen the chances of food poisoning. And it takes the hassel out of having to carry round those freezer coolers that I put beside my food. More rom for food in my bag!

What you do is leave the container in the freezer until you need it, then just take it out and put your food in it and it stays cold for a few hours.  The container's made of plastic but quite heavy and not flimsy like the Glad containers.  Its a good size too, not too big so you put too much food in but big enough for a dieter's meal!  I wouldn't recommend putting it in your microwave and heating your food up as there's a pretty good chance it'll explode.

So there you go, that was my excitement at the $2 shop. If you're interested in getting one or 2 for your food bag, go to your local and see if they have some.  Great value at $2 considering normal plastic containers are at least $3 each and they don't come with their own freezer!

Lisa, Go Figure
15 May 08

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