I went to a fascinating documentary in the weekend (20 July) called "Bigger, Stronger, Faster - the side effect of being American". I was told at last minute about this movie which was shown as part of the Auckland Film Festival. If I'd known earlier I'd definitely have told you about it as I'm sure all you bodybuliders out there would've loved it. 

Actually you probably don't need to be a bodybuilder as this documentary was really an eye opener into the sub culture of steroid use in America, and indeed the whole American culture of winning at all costs.
The documentary is told by Christopher Bell, a wannabe bodybuilder, who had ambitions of being big and strong just like his heroes Stallone, Schwarzenneger and Hulk Hogan - you see plenty of footage of these guys in the movie.

Chris also has 2 brothers who had dreams of following their heros' footsteps to be big and famous. One brother is still clinging to his ambition of being the next big name Pro Wrestler and the other brother is a powerlifter and all he wants do is lift heavy.
  Although Chris didn't get on the gear, his brothers did in order to get big and achieve what their heroes had. The movie shows an honest insight into the role of steroids in their lives and the reasons for them to keep on taking them.  

Not only bodybuilders get a look in in this movie (although they are obvious targets!),Pro Baseballers and Olympic athletes also get analysed. There are interviews with coach of USA Olympic weightlifting in the 50s admitting use of drugs way back then, comments from Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, and they also delve into the drugs in baseball enquiry.

Remember that guy Chris Valentino? The guy with the synthol arms? He is featured in the movie and was quite a character and had some interesting observations about steroids. He's for them of course! I didn't realise it but he has his own supplement brand called Jekyll and Hyde. Btw this movie looks into how easy it is to produce your own supplements and how apparently Utah's the place to go if you want to start your own supplement company.

Initially I was reluctant to go as I thought it was another documentary into bodybuilding but by the end I found it very entertaining and a MUST SEE! It was a humorous, cynical,  satirical and  insightful commentary on America's obsession with kicking butt. And its willingness to turn a blind eye to a significant means of achieving success whilst at the same time condeming that means.

A scene at the end of the movie showing Chris' parents cheering  his brother nicknamed ’Smelly' to victory while at the same time condeming him for use of steroids summarises the contradiction between morality and victory.

Check out www.biggerstrongerfastermovie.com
to find out more about the movie and you can see snippet of the movie too. 

Go see it!!!
Lisa, Go Figure

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