Chocolite Mousse Indulgence is a NEW high protein, low fat and low sugar dessert recently brought out by Chocolite Foods and sold by miadasport.  The yummy flavours include chocolate, caramel and strawberry. The dessert contains quality fast and slow release proteins, milk and small amounts of soy lecithin. May contain traces of wheat. Contains no wheat protein or gluten. There's also no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (bad) fats or oils or aspartame.

There are 7 sachets per pack, each making 2 serves. Per 100ml, each dessert sachet contains 11.8g protein, 6.6g carbohydrate and 0.6g fat. 

" I had the strawberry and it really tasted like the dairymaid strawberry dessert and not like a lite dessert at all. Very nice, thanks!" Kevin

" Hi,
Just been reading mousse reviews. I just used a little whisk and it thickened up in no time, way easier than anything else and less mess. I think it would taste too sweet with added powder  as I thought it was sweet anyway, but maybe that's cos I don't have anything with sugar in it at moment,  might try one day just to confirm!!" Jill

"Mmm the mousse was delish and just like the real thing but with less calories!" Tracy

" I mixed in some protein powder with the mousse to see if it would set and it did. It came out quite thick and tasted like a thick protein shake, yum" Karen

"It was very easy to make, all u had to do was add the sachet to 100ml of milk and put it in a mixer.  Half way thru mixing  just a quick scrape of powder off the bowl and mix again for a couple of minutes and that's it.  The consistency was smooth, not too running and was similar to the protein shake consistency.  You leave it in the fridge for an hour and it turns into a mousse which tasted very light and yummy.  Did I mention it was yummy???"  Natalie

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