I'd been a fan of the Australian Men's Health for a while and have bought many over the years.  What I liked about it is that it gives straight to the point stories on fitness and health. There's no mucking around being all 'PC' when it comes to talking about how to exercise, the body or sexual issues for that matter. 

So when I saw that NZ Women's Health was going to hit NZ, I thought they had quite a high standard to live up to.  There's already heaps of women's fitness mags on the market so this one had to be exceptional and follow in the big footsteps of the men's health.
I think this magazine has lived up to expectations I had. Its full of useful articles and exercise instructions. It talks frankly about women's issues and most of all it doesn't get all airy fairy with 'wholistic' health which many women's mags has these days. We just want to see some hardcore fitness tips and advice don't we girls?!!  so I think this mag hits the mark for delivering matter of fact articles on women's health and fitness. Check it out!

Lisa, Go Figure
p.s I particularly like their inside back cover as it features 'Go Figure'!  well not us, but a page full of facts and figures about exercise and calories burned.

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