Balance have introduced VANILLA LATTE as the NEW HOT summer flavour to their already great tasting range of Ultra Ripped Protein formulas. It is a protein formula which combines the highest quality protein isolate with fat burning ingredients to give you a great tasting shake that enhances your protein intake while helping to mobilise fat stores.

 Balance Ultraripped Reviews!

Lisa Menzies: Now that I can finally put protein powder back into my diet, I finally indulged in the Balance Ultraripped which has been sitting in the cupboard tempting me for a couple of weeks. When I opened the contained it smelled like I was opening my Moccona mmmmmm. The powder mixed well with water and tasted like vanilla with a dash of coffee.  I didn't find the flavour super strong but enough to know that its coffee flavoured.  About half an hour after taking it I felt a little rise in heart rate, and no I hadn't been doing cardio! trying to stay away from that right now.  I think this product would be ideal for those working in an office situation who haven't got time to make their morning and afternoon snacks, all they need is mix up the shake and away they go.  Good for those who want to manage their appetite as this has the appetite suppresants and thermos to keep up their energy levels between meals.
Lisa, Go Figure 4 Nov

Steve Paea:
The taste is fantastic! It tastes like the real thing, I really enjoy the flavor of it, Ive never had a Vanilla Latte flavor before so it's awesome.  The thickness of the shake allows a more filling taste when drinking it for morning and afternoon tea, so it gives a sense of having a big meal.  Not like other powders you don't fill full when taking it, so this shake tastes good and suppresses the hunger that little bit longer for the next meal.
Mixability is great! You don't get any solids or lumpiness in the shake, it blends in quite well.
Steve, 31 Oct.

Karen Ah Chong: It's like having coffee, but even better taste. Strong aroma once you open the container and very filling to drink. Great for having after training.
Karen, 31 Oct

Samanathan Johnson: Thanks for the Balance Ultraripped. I'm a coffee addict so I love coffee and I found that the Vanilla Latte flavour is almost like the real thing so I'm having it at morning and afternoon tea instead of my coffee to give me a caffeine kick.  The shake is really easy to mix and I don't have any lumps like some other proteins.  I feel it gives me an energy boost after taking it and I'm not as hungry in the afternoons.
Samantha, 2 Nov

* Balance LEAN Ultra Ripped Protein
* Cutting up formula
* Maintain lean muscle mass
* Pure instantised Whey Protein Isolate
* Thermogenic formula
* Low carb and low fat

Balance Ultra Ripped Protein is your key to chiselled muscles for the ultimate lean, ripped body. The highest qulaity WPI is combined with thermogenic herbs and minerals for maximum mucle definition.

The Benefits:

  • Highest quality Whey Protein Isolate
  • Fat burning formula
  • Mobilise unwanted fat and reduce fat storage
  • BCAA's for lean muscle mass
  • Full vitamin, mineral and amino acid support
  • Ultra low carbohydrate content
  • Easy to mix and tastes great

A full amino acid profile ensuresmuscle growth with BCAA's and glutamine to preserve lean muscle and ensure all your hard work pays off.

How can Balance Ultra Ripped Protein give me a 'CUT' look?
This formula is designed to maximise energy use and maintain muscle mass. Pure instantised WPI is easily digested for maintaining muscle and assisting repair.

Natural Thermogenics:
Green Tea: to assist fat metabolism and maintain your metabolic rate
Caffeine: to maintain the mental stamina you need to perform
Carnitine: assists fat transport and metabolism while Super Citramax helps make sure carbs are used for energy - not stored as fat
Chromium: helps manage carbohydrate metabolism and the urge to snack!
Choline and Inositol: help with fat metabolism for energy production

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