Just when you thought Chop Chop! chicken couldn't get any better.  Chop Chop! have grought out new delish Lite Mayo flavours to spice up your snacks and lunches even more.

Their new tasty flavours include: Chicken shredded with mustard. Chicken with chilli. Chicken with sundried tomato. Chicken with cracked pepper. 

The average protein content of their 85g cans is 15g which is plenty protein for your morning or afternoon snack.

Ave carbs: 3.5g. Ave sodium: 270mg and ofcourse we're all concerned about the fat content - especially considering the chicken is in mayo!  the average per can is 7g which comes from mayonnaise which is made from soya oil, egg yolk powder, sugar, skim milk so I don't think its too bad as long as your total diet is a healthy low fat one.

All their flavours aren't too strong. Chillli is not hot like you would get in tuna and is quite mild. Cracked pepper is quite tasty, sundried tomato and wholegrain mustard taste like what they say.  And I've certainly enjoyed them as treats on my rice wafers and made a nice change from tuna!

Lisa, Go Figure
17 Nov, 08

Naera Johnson said: I tried the sundried tomato chop chop on a Mountain bread wrap with a little
lettuce, it was quite nice but not that much flavour came through. It would maybe be better in an egg white omlette, as the flavour may come out more. The Honey Mustard I had on rice wafers this was much nicer and I liked the sweet savoury taste. I bought some of the new chilli chop chop and this was nice also on Rice wafers it has a good amount of heat in it as well mmm.

Tanya Downey said: Thanx sooooooo much for the 2 cans of chop chop chicken :0).  We had them tonight on tortillas with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and a lil honey mustard and bbq sauce.  We both reallyyyyy liked the mustard one but only my other half had the sweet chilli one because hes the spicy food fan and Im definately not lol.  He said that it was even to spicy for him!  Which is the first time in over 10 years that Ive heard those words!  He soldiered on and ate it all but he said that we will definately buy the mustard one again but not the sweet chilli.Thanx again! Tanya

Katrina Hall said: I had the mustard flavoured chop chop chicken on rice crackers and the chili flavoured one mixed into some rice, both very nice, and yeah a good change
from the tuna. I'd probably still keep buying the tuna over the chop chop
chicken only because it's cheaper. Although I do still prefer the original
chop chop chicken over the new shredded ones.
And no, the mayo in it doesn't bother me too much. If I want to eat
something (anything) I do - as they say, everything in moderation :) Katrina

Sue Bettridge said: Got the chop chop chickens, Lite mayo chilli and lite mayo cracked pepper. Both are great tasty and morish flavours, the chilli is mild and sweet and mixed beautifully with my salad and the moistness of the mayo in it provided all the dressing i needed.

The cracked pepper one[ my fav of the two] i ate straight from the can after a workout @ the gym, i found the portion size great for a quick protein boost on the run.It was just yumm.

I'm definitely continuing to purchase them so thank you , and my trainer thinks it's great as he's always trying to get more protein in my diet.

Regards Sue

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