The 4-6 weeks period after competing in a bodybuilding comp is the best time to go hard with your training as your body gets the surge of nutrients in your body, and you're all motivated to get big after your comp.  So with my new re energized enthusiasm for training again I'm all go for the gym and with that thought I'd trial some different muscle building supplements to see what kind of effects it would have in my initial return to gym.
My usual supplement regime is taking the Balance 100% Beta Alanine before workouts and the Balance WPI and Recovery Stack after workouts.  I know how these supplements feel and the recovery rate I get from them so that's the standard I'll judge other supplements to.

Knowing how much I love to trial new products, the lovely people who distribute iSatori and PVL products sent me some iSatori Morph GXR-3 and PVL Leuci-bolic for me to have a go before and after training. So I thought how could I refuse!

Day 1: Morph GXR-3 and Balance Beta Alanine. I'd already had a couple of training sessions before I trialled the Morph so that I could judge what taking Morph was like on a training day - compared to how my muscles felt without it.  I thought since I was going to go hard with training, I may as well go hard with the supplements and combined it with the Beta Alanine to give me a full on experience.  The literature on Morph is that it's a ‘time activated muscle builder' and offers a 3 stage delivery system.  The ingredients of Morph include Beta Alanine, L-histidine, Aspartic acid, Niacin and a mix of Glyceryl monostearate, L arginine and L-Malate to help reduce fatigue during training, increase the pump in your muscle and increase protein synthesis when you take your after training supplements. 

You need to take 6 Morph tablets 30min before training, I don't usually take a lot of pills so found this hard to do, but in the line of duty I did it for you.   About 20mins into my chest training I did feel quite hot and focused and reasonably energetic.  I say reasonably energetic because I'm still not at full strength and haven't got all my energy back from my pre contest phase.  However, despite not being able to lift as much as I usually do, by the time I finished I did get a great pump which continued for another 2-3 hours, you know that warm fuzzy feeling as you go about your day feeling your muscles buzzing after a good train. I still took the Balance WPI and Recovery stack after the training session.

I had a day rest then hit legs

Day 2: Morph, Beta Alanine and Leucibolic.  Knowing how the combination of Morph and Beta Alanine made me feel during training, I added PVL Leucibolic to the mix.  Leucine as you know is one of the three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and is unique in its ability to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis. In fact, as I found through my ‘googling' on the net discovered that leucine has about a 10 fold greater impact on protein synthesis than any other amino acid. 

There's lots of research on the effects of leucine supplementation on weight trainers, elderly and ofcourse the good old rat.  Here's a couple of links if you want to get more technical about the role of Leucine: My role is just to tell you how taking Leuci-bolic affected me and my recovery.

So I'd taken 6 Morph tablets 30min before training, then my pills continued with another 12! Yes 12 Leuci-bolic caps just before starting training.  That's a lot of pills, so the next day I decided to just open the 12 caps and put them into a small container and mix it with water so I can drink it.  Wasn't too pleasant but us bodybuilders are used to eating and drinking bland mixes sometimes aren't we?  Since then the distributors have informed me they do Leucine Maxx 6000 in powder form which would save a lot of time undoing the caps!

The reasoning behind taking the Leuci-bolic just before training is to ensure the Leucine is ready when you start training to repair and rebuild muscle - ie in an anabolic state during and post training.  I waited about 10min after taking leucibolic to train as I didn't want to feel too nauseous during my leg train with all those supplements mixed in my stomach.  Training legs is hard enough. 

I started with 4 sets of Leg Press then after that supersetted Leg Extensions and Barbell Squats to pre exhaust my quads.  So it was a tough workout but strangely I handled it ok, perhaps it was the supplements that helped. On the 2nd sets of extensions and squats (out of 3), I felt quite strong and not so tired.  Again I stress, I'm not as strong as I was before comp so this is all relative to how strong I am today. After the extensions and squats, it was onto leg curls and finish with my all time exercise I loathe - standing calf raises. I felt my recovery rate abit faster than when I did chest and felt a good leg buzzing feeling when I finished.  Sure I couldn't walk out of the gym very well but sure feels great to be back training.  Immediately after training I'd have the Balance WPI and recovery stack.

An hour after the shake was lunch.  Then I'd be super hungry again by the time afternoon tea came around but I wasn't actually hanging out for it so not sure if this was due to the Leuci-bolic or not.  But I had my afternoon tea anyway as it was time to.  Usually my legs would continue to ache but I felt quite good and even managed a 40min walk with my dog Trixie up Mt Eden after afternoon tea just to cane them a little more and she needed to be walked.  The next day is usually the killer but I didn't ache as much so I recovered quite well from the leg train.  Honest I did train hard!

I had 2 sachet samples of Morph left and used them (in conjunction with Leuci-bolic) when I trained Delts and Back on consecutive days.  I think Morph maybe a good muscle builder if used in the long term, as I'd only taken 4 days of Morph, and I'm still slightly weak - I can't say how much strength I could gain from Morph but if you've tried it, feel free to give us some feedback.

I thought the Leuci-bolic felt really good on my recovery rate as I didn't feel as sore the next day, which meant I could still train hard the next day without being too achy.  In the long term Leuci-bolic may be a good mass builder in the way that it can enhance recovery rate and therefore the ability to train harder and build mass in the long term. As Leuci-bolic was more ‘pure' I felt it digested better in my body than tablets.  But that's just my body.

Lisa, Go Figure
18 November 08

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