I was given a can of Wonder Cocoa to trial recently, just the name Wonder Cocoa sounds delicious so I was eager to taste it as I love chocolate. This is pure unadulterated cocoa and its 99.7% caffeine free, fat free and cholesterol free. Opening the can immediately it smells like chocolate so I was looking forward to mixing up as a drink to curb my choc cravings - which I do get from time to time.

I have tried those chocolate Jarrah drinks but I find it has too many fillers in it and it made me feel too hyped up in the evening.  So I was on the look out for a chocolate fix without the hype.  I've tried the bournville cocoa but tasted powdery and has too much sugar!.

I only used a teaspoon of cocoa in my drink and it was plenty chocolate taste and it wasn't bitter, but it wasn't sweet either.  So I put in a litlte bit of splender artificial sweetener and it tasted great.  I've also put Wondercocoa in my diet desserts to add some more  chocolate oomph as I don't think you can ever have too much chocolate taste!  I've yet to try it in baking but I think it would give lots of chocolate flavour to cakes and biscuits too.

This is an American product and I don't think its on sale in NZ but if you're interested in buying a can I'll send you to the person who might be able to get it for you.

mmmm chocolate!
Lisa, Go Figure

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