08-BalanceMuscle2Go3  Fuel 2GO 60gm - Protein and Energy Bar - ideal as a snack or prior to and after training.  Added BCAA and Glutamine (1g) for muscle recovery and Grapeseed extract as this is 10x more powerful than vit c as an antioxidant  21g protein, 20g of carb.Flavours include: Double choc, blackforest and banana smoothie.

Muscle 2GO 90g - High protein hit bar - ideal for those wishing to gain lean muscle growth - 35g of protein and low carb (8.1g) and fat  (5.9g) - added creatine (1g) and glutamine (1g) for energy and muscle recovery. Great Big Snack for those serious about quality protein consumption. Flavours include: Choc Max, Toffee Fudge and Tropical Banana.
How much? The fuel2go bar will retail for $4.50 per bar while Muscle2go for $5.50 and available at usual outlets where you buy your Balance products.

I had the Muscle2Go Toffee Fudge bar for afternoon tea and the 90g bar was very filling! I was anticipating the flavour would be really sweet but surprisingly it wasn't.  Just enough sweetness to satisfy that mid afternoon sugar craving.  The texture was great and easy to chew, it has crunchy soy nuggets in it while the outer layer has a chocolate coating.  Sounds like a chocolate bar eh? but much healthier!  The Double Choc Muscle2Go's probably my favourite in this range as its full on chocolate.  I'm not particularly a banana lover but found the tropical banana quite ok because it doesn't have a super strong banana flavour but you can still tell its banana.

I had the Fuel2Go double choc after training today, which is probably the ideal time to have this bar as it has high amount of carbs readily to be refulled into your muscles.  I found the Fuel2Go more chewy than Muscle2Go, but that just means it lasts longer!  The double choc flavour wasn't overly chocolatey on my chocolate scale (I do like my chocolate strong!) but still very tasty.  I also quite like the BlackForest in this range. It's sweet and chewy and just right for another post workout treat.
Lisa, Go Figure 8 Dec

I tried one of the new Black Forest Balance Fuel2Go High Protein - High Energy bars that Lisa gave me to try. Decided to have it as an afternoon energy boost after a hard workout in the morning. Found it to be quite chocolatety and sweet and took me about an hour to munch through, tastes like a Cadbury Black Forest chocolate bar which appealed to my sweet tooth - very moorish and gave me a good lift to see me through till dinner time.
I.T guy, 3 Dec

Just tried the Muscle2Go Tropical Banana bar... Yum! It's just like a perky narna only crunchy!
I'm usually a savoury girl - not much of a sweet tooth, and I was expecting this to be quite sweet but it wasn't, and not overpoweringly bananary either. The texture wasn't too chewy and the soy nuggets were a pleasant crunchy surprise. It filled me up quite nicely and definitely felt like a treat which you don't often get with a lot of protein bars, so I'll definitely be trying it again... Maybe I have a sweet tooth after all!
Kirstine, 4 Dec

I really liked the Balance Muscle 2Go Toffee Fudge bar and think it is an improvement on the Protein Max Bar. The consistency is soft but not too chewy like some lower carb bars are. I split the bar in half so actually get two bars in one. I am a bit of a sweet tooth so I tried putting some of it in the freezer so it is like a little chocolate treat. Yum
Kimmi, 10 Dec

You sent me the Fuel2Go 60g bar in "Banana Smoothie" flavour. I tried this yesterday, was sweet but not as sickly as I would have expected. Soft and mushy texture, I sometimes put bars in fridge or freezer to harden up and "last longer" so should have done this probably.  Normally go for the chocolate or forest berry flavours rather than banana, pineapple or strawberry flavoured bars as find them extra-sweet but this Banana was OK, not too sweet to give you more cravings!  Would buy again.
Cool, thanks again Lisa.
Lise, 10 Dec

I had the Fuel2go BlackForest flavour- nice tasting bar but a bit sweet. Liked the fact it had 21g protein but don't think I could sustain 14g sugar on a long term basis. Would be interested to know the cost per bar.
Farah, 10 Dec 

First impressions: Very big bar in shiny packaging. I was lucky enough to try the Muscle2Go Toffee Fudge bar, and although it arrived in my work mail tray in the morning I held out and waited to have it for afternoon tea.

The aroma was sweet with a toffee / fudge smell to it. The Chocolate coating is nice and thin, it flakes off a little when you bite into it (which I like). To me it is quite sweet but lately I've been in the mood for sweet things in the afternoon so it hit the spot. It's soft and chewy and I love the soy bits - texture is always a good thing. The taste is nice and true to what I would expect ‘Toffee' flavour to be. There is the expected slight ‘after taste' that most Protein Bars have, but certainly not off putting.

Final thoughts: I saved 1/4 for morning tea this morning ... if I can wait that long. It's certainly a ‘good' treat, afternoon pick me up or meal on the run option! I'm sold
Eve, 10 Dec

Don't normally go for banana flavour, as I find the taste very artificial. This bar was the Fuel2Go Banana Smoothie, I chilled it in the fridge until afternoon tea time, it has a nice thin choc coating and looked a little like a giant pineapple lump with a similar texture. It was very chewy which I like, a little on the sweet side, tasted nothing like a banana which I would expect, (perky nana-ry) but satisfying, perfect with a strong coffee, gave me lots of energy for my workout.
Thanks for the freebie.
Una, 12 Dec

I had the Muscle2Go Choc Max which was quite tasty. I had a nibble as soon as it arrived in the post (cos I couldn't resist) but ate the rest later that day for afternoon tea. I enjoyed the chocolate flavour which was not too sweet and the texture made it interesting to eat. I felt as though I had had a 'meal'. I would use the bar again but the price would prevent me from making it a regular feature.
Jill, 14 Dec

I was lucky enough to try the fuel2go blackforest bar. First things first, it got the smell test....yum it smells just like a cadbury blackforest chunky choc bar. mmmm now for a bite....yum very sweet and definately tastes blackforesty. This bar reminded me a lot of the Horleys protein33 bar which are one of my favourite bars. Yummy, I'd definately buy these! It will be interesting to see what they cost. Oh and I liked the fact there are no artificial colors, flavours or sweeteners.
PK, 15 Dec

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