"Well, the flavour is different. I don't know if I would want to drink it too often for too long. It is nice for a change from the 'usual taste of protein powder'. The one way I have found it very enjoyable is made with chilled water and poured over ice on a hot day. Next time I may even try a slice of lemon and a small umbrella, this is beginning to sound like a cocktail suitable for a bodybuilder!
I am looking forward to trying it blended with fruit and ice.

So, maybe not so bad after all for a change from the traditional powders."
15 Jan 09

"I was lucky enough to try the new Balance Summer Protein recently. I wasn't sure what to expect as I don't normally go for the tropical type flavours when it comes to protein. It really does taste like the Raro type orange drinks you used to drink as a kid, so if you enjoy that, you'll love this protein! I don't really have much of a sweet tooth, so have never really been into drinking juice - I'd much rather have water, but the new Summer protein was a nice temporary change from the more traditional chocolate flavours I'm used to.

It mixed really well and was refreshing post-workout. Consistency was pretty thin, just like juice. I enjoy my shakes a bit more creamy, but this was certainly easy to get down. Definitely worth a try to mix things up a bit!"
Kirstine, 3 Jan 09

"I have been having the Balance Tropical Protein powder and am loving the change from the chocolate flavour I am used to.  I love the taste of Orange Juice but don't often buy these type of drinks.  I find the tropical protein powder is a nice refreshing drink to have after a workout and is really easy to mix and doesn't glug together with the water.  I'm trying it in the freezer to see what happens....."
Natalie, 23 Dec 08

I've really been enjoying having the new tropical flavour summer protein from Balance.  I'm not really much of a fruit flavour kind of girl, so strawberry and banana flavours aren't really my thing but the tropical flavour has been great - especially in the recent hot weather - because it tastes like 'Just Juice'!  

The new Summer Protein is really combining 2 things I'm not too keen on ie fruit flavour and fruit juice. I try and stay away from fruit juice because of the high sugar content, eventhough I'd love nothing more than a cold glass of juice sometimes.

So the Summer Protein has been the solution to my juice craving.  What I do is mix up the protein in water and chill it!  and honestly it tastes like Just Juice but still has protein content without the sugar.
The Summer Protein is made from WPI so its high protein, low fat and because its pure I don't get the allergic reaction from the lactose content of WPC.  Summer Protein contains 25.8g protein, .2g fat and .8g protein, and mixes really well. 

I think if you want a change from the normal chocolate or vanilla flavour and want a refreshing drink after your workout, especially if chilled, then try the New Tropical Flavour. 

Mum's been visiting me for a week and I sneak the protein drink beside her muesli in the morning.  And she didn't even know it was a protein shake!  she just thought it was juice.  So if you have someone in your household who's not too keen on having protein shakes, like my Mum who thinks its going to bulk her up...yeah right!, then the Summer protein could be a way to increase protein in their daily calorie content too.

Its limited edition so you'll have to be in quick!!

Lisa, Go Figure
18 Dec 08

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