Whole water is yet another brand of water launched into the already saturated water market ( ha ha saturated) by fonterra. The key selling point that separates Whole to other water is that it contains protein. Only 5g mind you. 

To you and me, we probably get plenty of protein from other sources so the extra 5g isn't going to make much difference to our satiety and probably not going to 'bridge the gap' to the next meal too much compared to someone who doesn't have much protein in their diet. So to the normal person who isn't as conscious about their diet, this water might help them get that extra 5g protein per day.
Tastewise I tried the Tangerine and Berry flavours. The fact that water has a flavour is quite strange in it self! I prefer my water straight without additives. The tangerine and berry did have quite a refreshing fruity flavour. Once I started drinking a couple of mouthfuls I did want more. This is probably due to the fact that there was 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each bottle and the sugar taste just wanted me to have more sugar. 

So I guess if you drank the whole bottle it would probably make you feel full not due to the fibre this water has - which is the same as a banana. Actually you're probably better off having a banana and a glass of water as that would make you feel more full!

You may still be able to register to get your FREE Wholewater.  Go to www.wholewater.co.nz and trial it for yourself!

Lisa, Go Figure
24 March 09

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