The NEW range from Balance is called Physique which is a weight management fomula targeted to help today's active sporting figures get more protein and energy for their fitness endeavours.
Their 3 delicious flavours include Chocolate Fix, Vanilla Chill and Latte Kick

Physique's special weight management ingredients include: L-Carnitine, Hydroxy Citric Acid and Green tea which combine to provide fat burning and thermogenic properties.

Nutrition value: per serve Physique contains: 21g protein, 2.0g fat, 2.6g carbohydate. 118 cals.

  Well my tastebuds and belly have been spoilt trialling the NEW Physique flavours from Balance, and I must say they've done a pretty job with the formula.

I'm not usually into formulas, especially ones with little bit of thermos in them, as they tend to make me bit anxious and revved up. But I've surprisingly handled this one quite fine.  I even had them at around 3pm and the effects didn't even keep me up at night! 

So I think Balance got it right not putting too much of the green tea in it. All the flavours mixed well and it shook up quite nice and thick.  About an hour after drinking it I felt abit tingly and my heart racing, not like as if I was taking thermos, but could definitely feel something going on. 


I know this probably sounds like I'm reading from one of their Physique flyers but Physique did actually curb my appetite and took that edge off my hunger - especially in the afternoon.  With summer coming on I thought I'd better lose a kg or 2 so have put myself on a diet for the past couple of weeks and doing some experimentation going super low carb but have increased my fat, so the Physique worked in very well with my current plan. 

I'd recommend if you're taking Physique, instead of having fruit with it (which will raise your insulin levels making you feel hungry) have 7-10 almonds or add tsp flax oil to your shake so your blood sugar doesn't spike.

OK so to the flavours. Eventhough I've not a vanilla lover, I actually quite like the Vanilla Chill as it tastes just like vanilla ice cream - honest!!!  reckon if you chilled your shake or perhaps even froze it it would taste pretty close to the vanilla ice cream.  Might try that one day.

The Chocolate Fix was nice too.  Its not full on chocolate taste and since I like my chocolate to be chocolatey I added an extra half serve of the Balance WPI choc divine in there. I'm such a chocoholic.

Latte Kick doesn't give you that same kick as real coffee gives you but I think coffee lovers will still appreciate the hint of coffee in their shakes.

In summary, I like this range and I think if you're a busy chicky and need some energy during the day but don't want to indulge in that chocolate bar at your morning and afternoon tea then Physique can help you fill the gap till the next meal.  Alternatively you can also use that as your post workout shake too as its high protein and has all the fat burning ingredients to keep you in fat loss mode for an hour or two afterwards.

Bon Appetite!
Lisa, Go Figure

7 Oct 09

More Reviews
The Balance Physique ranges is now available at Health Food stores and selected supplement shops but a  couple of weeks ago some lucky girls got the chance to taste test the NEW Physique by Balance before anyone else and here are their thoughts:

On first trying Physique I found it wasn't sweet enough (probably due to my spoilt taste buds enjoying too much choc bikkies &  regular bad food choices!!) but I love the thick swiss maid chocolate yoghurt  like consistency & smell, now after having it consistently all week in the morning's after cardio @ 6.45 it has kept me going quite nicely till 10ish which is great, it seems to also have curbed my appetite as I don't seem to be finishing my meals & am not snacking as much (bonus!!), also the lack of sweetness has now grown on me & I am now quite satisfied with it.  Since I've been pretty inactive most of the year & not at all concerned or watching what I ate, Physique is definitely a keeper for me & has replaced the regular brands I use to use. Thanks bunches & here's to fitting back into 80% of my wardrobe by xmas. Daisy

Hi Lisa, many thanks for the protein powder. I've only been taking it for a week as an after training refuel, so can't really comment on weight loss or training effect. It did make me feel full for several hours which is great and didnt seem to have any adverse effect on my sleep.  I like the flavour and it makes a really nice creamy shake. One thing I did notice was that it always leaves a brown grainy sedement in the bottom of the glass when finished. Not sure if this may be ground vanilla beans perhaps??? I will definitely continue to use it and try other flavours as well.  Sue 

Thanks so much for the protein, always good to try a new brand. I like how the sugar/carb content is pretty low so I dont have to worry too much about having it at night after a workout. Yummy chocolate flavour which mixes really well. Only used it for a few days now, but looking forward to some positive results. Carla  

Well I have to admit that I have not been a Balance fan in the past BUT have changed my mind since trying the Physique powder . I am most impressed . Love the flavour ------Vanilla ------- not too strong or sweet I just have mine after training mid afternoon just mixed with little water and flaxseed oil and find it mixes really well ,quite smooth and creamy. Also "hits the spot ' when need a little "extra" to keep me going during the day Have no hesitation in recommending others try it Thanks for the opportunity to sample it . Cheers, Melissa    

I've had a chance to try it now in just about all the ways I use protein powder, and I like it. The first thing I did when I got it was have a smell, and it was really delicious smelling - a great start! I chose Vanilla Chill because I don't like the taste of coffee, and I find that chocolate ones tend to be a bit disappointing. I find Vanilla to be a good versatile flavour that I can use with lots of things, and a good starting point when trying a new brand or product.  

I've had it with my morning oats, mixed with peanut butter, and with water, and it tastes great all three ways. I was a bit nervous about trying it with water, as I kept thinking it would be like Sculpt in water, which is horrible! I haven't tried it with milk yet, as I'm cutting at the moment so not having any milky shakes - but I reckon it would be really great with milk because the flavour is so nice.   As for any effects, I can't say I noticed any thermo-type effects. But then I'm a regular green tea drinker, and I've also been taking Superpump 250 pre-workout - so I probably have a fairly high tolerance for such things! I didn't notice any curb of hunger either, but again, I don't seem to get that with caffeine and other things that are appetite suppressants for some people. I think my love of food is just too much for any drug type thing to overcome!

The latte flavoured Physique protein powder taste exactly like drinking a brewed cup of coffee and has a smooth, creamy texture! Made up with soy milk, it goes down well straight after training and comfortably ties me over until the next major meal. Compared to the Ultra Ripped Protein I normally consume, the Physique protein powder just gives a different flavor to avoid taste-fatigue while training over an extended period of time. Joen

I enjoyed trying the new latte kick ,me being a coffee junkie! The taste is like an iced coffee, i look forward to using the rest of the tub while I train.Tanya

It tastes great, ( your right it really tastes like vanilla icecream! )and it mixes really well, i would purchase in the future.   Kind regards Nicole  

The protein powder isn't super sweet like most chocolate protein powders. It mixes well with my rolled oats in the morning and in my protein shakes made with water. The stats on it are very good. Especially for those looking for a high protein low carb protein powder. Plus the packaging is really cool :) Lisa W

29 Oct 09 

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