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I was given some BSN protein samples so I thought I'd give them a go!

BSN. Syntha 6.
I had the vanilla, was quite nice although I did find it bit sweet. Probably dieters would appreciate having something sweet to drink.  Coupled with the protein isolate, it does contain protein concentrate and casein which gives the syntha the sustained released protein the package promises. Added MCTs, EFAs and fibre also gives it the low GI effect and adds to the sustained release. Contains 23g protein, 13g carbs and 6g fat per serve.

BSN Truemass.  Lucky I only had the sample sachet which only contained a 1/3 of the actual portion size as 60g carbs would've been way too many calories for this girly body.  Truemass is very similar to the Syntha but it contains lots more carbs.  Because of the higher carb content, I had the shake after training so my body could use the energy to recover.  The shake satisfied me for a couple of hours! Great for guys who need the energy for mass building.  I had the strawberry which thankfully wasn't too strawberry as not a big berry girl. This sample packt contained 17g protein, 23g carbs, 6g fat per serve.

BSN Lean Dessert.  Good thing I have been incorporating plenty of coconut oil in my diet the past few weeks otherwise I would've not even tried the Lean Dessert Chocolate Coconut flavour!  This shook up quite thick and I quite enjoyed the nutty coconut chocolate flavour. Like the name says, this is probably a nice dessert shake to have to satisfy the sweet tooth. Contains 20g protein, 7g carbs, 3g fat per serve.

These products are great but just one thing though, as most of these incorporate whey concentrate, casein and calcium caseinate, ingredients needed to give you that long lasting protein breakdown, it is higher in lactose. Therefore I did react to them being lactose intolerant and all.  My eyes got a bit puffy and my nose blocked but I get this having a flat white!  so nothing against the products. 

Personally I do better with the purer WPI products like the Balance WPI, as I don't react to them as much. Don't know if BSN do WPI so can't comment on that.

Nov 09

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