The VPX NO Shotgun v.3 and Synthasize are pre and post workout drinks aimed to increase energy, focus and recovery for your workouts.  

Synthasize is stimulant free while Shotgun v.3 has extra caffeine and 'redline energy meltdown fat burning technology' for those who like more kick in their workouts. 

Both have the basic formula containing protein, BCAAs, taurine, creatine (and more) which aim to help energy and recovery.  

I took a dose of Balance Beta Alanine as per usual before my workout and for this trial had half the NO Shotgun mix 15min before training and the rest while training.  I felt the formula kick in about half way through my workout - I was training heavy back - it wasn't a full on kick but definitely could feel my muscles filling up.  Afterwards I had my usual Balance WPI and Ultimate Recovery.

Interestingly about 2hours after my training I usually feel bit tired but on that day I felt  quite good and could still my heart elevated from training. So I thought I'd use that energy for cardio that afternoon and did stairs for half an hour.  

On another day I used the Synthasize as my 'during cardio drink' to help with energy and recovery.  It's ok but I found the watermelon and exotic fruit (tastes like aniseed) flavours for both shotgun and synthasize supersweet!

If you like your drinks to be supersweet then this could be a perfect match for you! 

25 Nov 09

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