I felt very guilty trialling the New Eatsmart Choc Chip meal replacement because it just tasted too sinful to be good for me.  

The powder shook up well and there no lumps. As for the shake itself, it shook up quite thick and it was like drinking chocolate mousse made with dark chocolate. To top it off there were little choc chips at the bottom of my shaker to satisfy my chocolate sweet tooth. 

I did check the label that this was a meal replacement I was taking and not a choc drink from Nestle!  Eatsmart is product by Isatori from Canada and their supplments are usually high quality and pure, and this is no exception. 
Eatsmart contains all the whizz bang ingredients you want in a replacement and includes Whey Isolates, concentrates and calcium caseinates for that long lasting breakdown of protein.  There's also flax seed for fatty acids, chromium to maintain blood sugar and pro biotics. 

In total, Eatsmart contains 150 calories, 19 grams of protein, 7 grams of low-glycemic carbohydrates, less than five grams of "good" fats, and healthy fiber.

Overall I thought it was a good formula and it satisfied my afternoon protein requirements and that little bit of sweetness was great to have too.

My fave ofcourse was the choc chip but the vanilla ice cream wasn't too bad either, not too sweet.  There's also a Chocolate peanut butter flavour which tasted more like a light choc flavour and not overwhelmingly peanuty.

I think these are available at Health 2000 stores.

Lisa, Go Figure
16 Jan 09

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