My christmas came a week early in 2009 when I got some delicious samples of the New Lite n Lean Salad range from Fresh 2 Go. 

So now that Christmas is over and many of you are in the right frame of mind to eat clean, and perhaps even going on a diet in the new year, I'll tell you about the new salad range for you to consider.

The 7 salads were neatly packed in their own containers and I must say each of them looked very cute as they all had their own compartments to keep the different foods separted.  Each of the packets also had a plastic seal which helped keep everything fresh too.

My reviews of the salads are below.  Generally I think the salads would be ideal for the corporate office worker who hasn't got the time to be making food themselves and find the convenience of ordering a week's worth of salad a timesaver for them.  Personally I'd prefer the chicken options of these salads as I found the vegetarian options didn't quite fill me up or contained enough protein. 

The salads and vegetables were very fresh and I enjoyed seeing the different colours in the containers. Some of the salads would probably just be a snack for me at morning or afternoon tea (does that mean I'm a guts?!!) as it wasn't filling enough. 

{jcomments on} But as I say, the office worker would probably find it ample as they are in a mostly sedentary state whereas I'm running around with clients all day. Coupled with the salad for lunch, I'd also recommend having your afternoon and morning snacks too ofcourse as a girl can't survive on salad alone!

You can find out more about the salads from

Lisa, Go Figure
4 Jan 2010

p.s Have you had these salads? what did you think? would love to hear your feedback. 
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1. Quinoa and Chicken 2. Asian Chicken 3. Chickpea and Tomato

1. Chicken and Quinoa Salad. Quinoa is a grain which is higher in protein than rice and cous cous so it was good to see they've included this in a salad to bump up the protein content. There was roughly a 1/3 cup quinoa which was mixed in with nice crunchy asparagus and red pepper. However there was only about 50g chicken (which was nice and tender).  Was more of a mid afternoon snack than a meal.  Perhaps needed some extra pepper or herbs to add some flavour.

2. Asian Chicken Salad. Fresh and crunchy green salad leaves with cherry tomatoes. Like the way the top is sealed to keep in freshness.  Weighed chicken was tender and came to 100g.  Dried noodles and nuts were in a separate bag.  Quite decent lot of salad in there which was quite deceptive.

3. Chickpea and Tomato. This salad comprised a mix of chickpeas, red pepper and asparagus however probably had more tomato than chickpeas. Thought it needed some extra flavour.  Sure it would be hard to flavour it without going soggy but perhaps a hint of heat somehow would be nice.  Was still a little hungry so I think adding a couple of boiled eggs in here will do the job of filling you up.

4. Chicken Salad (sorry forgot to take pic). Basically same as asian chicken but without the noodles and nuts.  I had this 3 days after delivery and everything was still pretty fresh.  Some of the salad leaves were a little soggy but generally they all held up ok.  Chicken still tender.

5. Chicken Broccoli and Green Bean 6. Kumera Salad
7. Tuna Salad

5. Chicken Broccoli and Green Bean Salad.  This was probably my favourite of all the salads as it was very tasty and satisfying.  The chicken was tender coated in a nice tandoori type flavour and there was plenty of green beans and broccoli to fill you up. Avocado on top of the salad enhanced the satiety and provide good fats.

6. Kumera Salad.  This was an unusual salad containing 100g kumera in one compartment and raisins and tomato in another section.  I don't usually have carbs on their own so had this salad with the chicken salad.  Jury is out on whether I like this combination but I'm sure some do!

7. Tuna Salad. There was about 100g tuna in its own compartment but I found it hard to eat as it wasn't spiced up with any herbs or flavour. The salad was a combination of green beans and tomatoes and there was a small bag of sliced almonds you can sprinkle on top too.

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