Some of you may have seen some of your gym buddies wearing bands around their wrists and wondered what they are. 

Tony Ligaliga was wearing a very colourful red one at the gym the other day and he said it was a magnetic band which helped him with recovery and strength. 

And I thought 'yeah right'!  I'm such a cynic.
Then in a coincedence I had a friend bringme a gift from a trip to the Phillipines last week, and it was a magnetic band. Go Figure!  They also brought me a band that goes around the neck which I'll pass on to a client to use and see if it makes any difference.

The magnetic bands have been around a few months but I never really took much notice of them, afterall how can a band help to promote recovery and increase strength.

Just on the radio today, happen to listen to Murray Deaker's talkback and he loves biomag, anyway the lady advertising the biomag blanket is also giving away a magnetic band to put on the wrist.  They say thousands of people have felt better and their back aches have gone from sleeping on the blanket, so maybe a wristband will help in daily life.  Who knows?

So, I'm going to be wearing this band for a week and see how I feel.  At the moment I'm feeling very achy and have sore joints, probably from all my weight training and cardioing, so going to see the band helps me recover.

Will keep you posted!
7 March 2010

22 March Verdict: Well I've had the band on my wrist for about 2 weeks now and my verdict is - its all hype!  infact its made my elbow joints feel more sore and achy.  Maybe others have had better expeirences with it on but since taking it off my elbows feel so much better.  Some of these bands cost upwards of $80 so its pretty expensive for a gimmick, lucky I didn't pay for mine other wise its would've been a big waste.

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