7 Oct update: Zumba Prizegiving!
Hooray we finally had the prizegiving for the Zumba 8 week challenge winners at Masala restaurant at Titirangi last night.  The girls were almost unrecognisable looking all slim and pretty in their clothes.

left: Salena, Ruth, Anna, Roz and Lisa
right: Lisa with the prizes
The Top 3; Ruth, Salena and Anna received awesome prizes from Balance which included Physique Bag, Physique Protein powder and L-Carnitine. So thank you so much Balance for spoiling the girls!
Roz and Shan Ruth, Biana and Salena Mmm carbs
Lisa and Roz Not another picture.  We just want to eat! Anna needs a feeding
Shan loves her indian Too many allergy causing ingredients in the curry so its wine and salad for me  Ruth's winning smile

 00-PT-8wkchallenge 29 September: Well we thought it was time to catch up Ruth Fearnly, the winner our first ever TagTeam Zumba/Go Figure 8 week Challenge. Ruth is probably typical of many busy Mums out there who think they can't find the time to exercise or afford to eat the right foods thinking it would be too expensive. But Ruth has proved that you can diet on the cheap as long as you're committed to the plan of changing your lifestyle.
Ruth didn't use protein powders or bought more expensive cuts of meat but it was with consistant change in her diet that has got her weight and body moving again.  It took a while to convince Ruth that she should be eating nuts and that they're not going to make her fat.  But we got there!

Through attending regularly zumba classes and experiencing support from the Zumba divas on the challenge, Ruth and the challengers were able to make bodyfat changes.  The next challenge will be starting soon so contact us or Roz and we'll get you going.

In the meantime, hope you find some inspiration from Ruth's journey on the challenge and how she lost 8 kg and 11% bodyfat!

Lisa, Ruth, Anna and Zumba Queen, Roz

" At the beginning of 2010, at a general check up, the doctor made me stand on his scales (something I didn't have in the house) and when they read 88kg that was enough to scare me. In the past I'd usually topped out at 85kg, but having turned 30 a couple of years ago, well, it does make a difference. I started doing some bits and pieces of exercise, but I was stumbling along without any guidance and although I seemed to be losing about a kilo a month (my fiance bought me some scales), I still hadn't really made a significant mental shift. I'd feel miserable about something, scoff a large bag of chippies and then feel sick and even worse. That kilo a month stalled as I got my first dose of Winter cold and comfort food reigned.  

I'd seen ads for Zumba dvds on TV and thought "that looks great, but I couldn't do it at home alone." So when I saw the local ads for Tag Team Zumba I thought I'd give it a try.. I remember my first class up at Titirangi, there I was, in thick, heavy, huge trackpants and a baggy (men's) teeshirt, because that's all I could face wearing. I stumbled along at the back, grinning from ear to ear. I loved the classes from the first night, but I started in Winter which led for a few health (and laziness) hurdles along the way. I can't have done more than about half a dozen classes before the challenge was announced. I thought that this may be a little motivation to get off the couch of an evening, so I signed up.    

Honestly, when I first looked at the Go Figure diet instructions I thought "I can't do that," and "almonds, yeah, scorched maybe," but with the threat of having to hand in a food diary I figured I'd give it a shot. Admittedly, I haven't been absolutely strict about it, but more importantly I have had that mental shift I'd never been able to achieve previously.

Food, or more importantly junk food, is no longer my worst enemy disguised as my best friend. Food is now just food; I enjoy eating the healthy choices and in suitable portions. I'm not permanently hungry and I'm not eating so much I feel too full. I really like avoiding (or seriously limiting) the complex carbs at night - this is one of my biggest changes - and I can enjoy drinking water when before I'd far rather reach for a coke. I did get the almonds (not scorched, or even salted) and diligently count out my 10 per serve. And I've realised that 10 is really all I need, or even want.  

It's this shift in attitude and an increase in self esteem together with the caring encouragement of Roz, Shan and the other challengers at Tag Team Zumba and Lisa of Go Figure that makes me truly believe I can keep this up, keep the weight off and tone up even more.

Ruth Fearnley
29 Sept 10

17 Sept:  OK ladies lets end the suspense and announce that Ruth Fearnley lost an amazing 11.69% bodyfat to win the TagTeam Zumba 8 week challenge.  Selena wasn't too far behind with 7.11% and little Anna still managed an amazing 5.15%.

All the winners have won some fantastic prizes from Balance which will include a Balance bag, physique protein powder, L-carnitine and more!
Big ups to the top 3 and runners up Tina, Shan and Bianca for sticking with it and surviving the 8 weeks.  We saw some fantastic shape changes and plenty of bodyfat and inches being dropped at the final weigh in. 

We'll put up Ruth's thoughts about her weight loss journey soon so she can inspire more of you to get off the couch and into action!

See you all at the prizegiving!!!  In the meantime don't let yourselves go and undo all that hardwork.

                      20 July        14 Sept       % diff    kgs lost 
1st Ruth         28.50            16.81       11.69      8kg
2nd Salena      40.21            33.10        7.11      7.5kg
3rd Anna        26.87            21.72        5.15        5kg
Tina               28.65           23.88        4.77        2kg
Shan             25.60            21.28        4.32        2kg
Bianca           34.51            30.71       3.80         no change

Check out the Before and After Pics of the Top 3.  Nice work ladies!!!

Before After 8 weeks  

  20 July 
Weight kg
1st week
27 July
10 Aug
   17 Aug
4th week
4th week
% diff
  14 Sept
8 wk
 1  Selena        93  40.21  90  88    87 32.53  7.68   85.5   7.5  
 2  82    80                  
 3  Ruth  83  28.50  80  79.5    78 21.66  6.84    75  8  
 4  Tina  67  28.65  66  65    65 27.39  1.26    65  2  
 5  90                      
 6 Alana  70  29.98    67    67  23.30  6.68        
 7  57     57                  
 8 Jo  99  36.91  97.5  96    97  32.59  4.32        
 9  Anna  60  26.87  59  57    56.5  23.79  3.08    55  5  
 10 Louise  78  29.64  78  78    77  26.50  3.14        
 11 Rebecca  78  27.14  76  75    75  24.73  2.41        
 12  65                      
 13 Bianca  68  34.51  66  66            68  same  
 14 Shan  67  25.60  66  66    65 23.14  2.46    65  2  
 15  60                      
 16  86                      

18 August:  Hard to believe the 4th week is up already for the Zumba divas and wow alot has happened during that time.  All the girls lost bodyfat and many have changed their shape. I think some of you will have to go and get a new wardrobe by the time 8th week is up!
But this is not time to take it easy. The hardwork starts now as you'll need to increase your exercise intensity and have to do weight training to keep challenging your body.  Without any change to your training, there will be no change to your body despite a good diet.

So train train train ladies!!!


28 July: Hooray! total 16.5kg total weight loss on first weigh in of the 8 week challenge. Now that's what I call a great start. Thanks for being good girls and filling out your diary and exerise sheets with most of you eating really well the past week. Lets keep it going.

Exercise is really the defining factor in the challenge, the more you can do and push yourself the more change you'll see.  Make the most of week 2 as your body's still willing to lose weight, the further the challenge goes on the harder it'll be.  So move it to lose it.

Very enthusiastic zumba

8 week challengers are go!

It was a start of a new beginning for 14 Zumba divas on Tues 20 July as they got their pre 8 week challenge measurements done by yours truly. 

So glad to see many of you wanting to make a change and I'm here to help.  Hope you're all following the eating and exercise plan to the letter as its there to help you achieve your goals.  If you have any questions email me!
All the divas ready to go!

Also I want to see the exercise and diary sheets filled in the next time I see you at Tuesday Zumba! otherwise they'll be 100 laps jogging around the hall for you after the class ha ha.

There's a table below of all the starting weights of all the challengers. Only you know what number you are.  Don't compare yourself to anyone else as the only person you're competing against is you ...and I know you certainly want to be a better you in 8 weeks time!

Until Tuesday - where will be only having the weigh in, happy training and eating!
22 July 10


Went and got down with Shan and Roz at their TagTeam Zumba last night in Titirangi and it was awesome.

Eventhough I was so unco and my 2 left feet didn't want to co-operate, I still worked up a sweat and my face muscles got plenty of workout from all the
laughing too!

Also was great to meet with some of the 8 week challengers
and can't wait to get you looking even more amazing!

13 July 10

Shan, Lisa and Roz 


First Prize
One physique bag, 1 physiques of each flavour (3) Chocolate, Vanilla, Latte and  A bottle carnitine and a shaker. 
3 months of free ZUMBA
One Time Out Voucher for a Massage with Healing Hands and Herbs

Runner Up
One physique bag, 2 physiques of each flavour, a bottle of canitine and a shaker.
2 months of free ZUMBA

4 Runners up will get
One Physique one Shaker and one concession card for ZUMBA

 Now lets do it !
Lisa From Go Figure www.gofigure.co.nz  Personal Trainer and a specialist in weight loss, fitness, exercise and nutrition has offered a fantastic offer for the TAG TEAM ZUMBA Participants .

For a one off payment of $40 you get help with nutrition exercise at your finger tips. For the first  4 weeks of the challenge and if you decide to continue with Lisa's help for the remainder of the 4 wks you can opt to pay another $40 for the final 4 wks.  You can email lisa weekly with any questions you have  and she will help you keep on track with your challenge with great info on what to eat and when and exercise tips.  She will come in and measure everyone and do your body fat at the start of the challenge then weekly we will measure you to see how many cm's you are loosing to keep you honest! Lisa may come in at the 4 week mark for another measurement and then at the end.  

How will we measure the challenge?

It's all done a on a % scale so not weight scale .

When does it start?  19 JULY


Commitment at least one Zumba Class a week should you miss one and you will need a really good reason you  will incur a penalty and have cm's added to your measurements.
2.       A $40 one off payment for your first 4 weeks on registration for Lisa at Go Figure.
3.       Should you not want to opt for the $40 one off payment you can enter and do it yourself and just come for measurements but ideally you wan't to take this offer up as it's a fantastic opportunity to kick start your challenge and get into the right mental space to make this happen and get the results you really want to see. And get that ZUMBA Body!

What we are going to offer you !
Great Zumba Classes that will make you sweat, move and groove and dance those inches away FUN FUN, Laughing and lot's of encouragement from TAG TEAM ZUMBA.

Make sure you join us on Facebook so everyone can keep each other focused if you have eaten a pixie caramel and need to talk about it we are the ones that will kick your butt back on track!


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