30 Nov update:  8 weeks has zoomed by and we have a winner in the TagTeam Zumba 8 week challenge!  Tash Lord won the challenge lossing an incredible 10.8kg and 7.78% in the process. Tash credits her loss to changing her eating habits and upping her cardio.  Well done on your focus Tash!  In second place is another Tash (Forest) who's shaped has dramatically changed during the 8 weeks. Just pipping Ruth into 3rd place is Alana who's continued her loss in this second round of the challenge.  Ruth has also done a great job maintaining her fat loss over the past 16 weeks.  Ami's made a good start to her life changing plan and we encourage her to keep going!

Prizes from Balance! 

                                      Challenge survivors Alana, Ami, Tash F, Tash L, Ruth

Tash Lord: Before 
8 weeks later 
Tash F before 
Alana before 
 Ami before and after                                      Ruth before and after  

  12 Oct 
Weight kg
1st week
9 Nov
4th week
% diff
  30 Nov
8th wk
% diff
Tash L  80.5   28.53           69.2  20.75  7.78
 Alana        65.9  24.26  63.8   22.67  1.59    62.6  22.21  2.05
 Ami  96.4  35.08  93.2   32.33  2.75    93.9  33.64  1.44
 Ruth  76.2  17.06  73.6   14.78  2.28    72.8 15.03  2.03
 Tash F  76.9  32.69  75.9   28.94  3.75    74.4  29.56  3.13




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