12 Nov 10 

22 Feb 11 
You're never too old to get into shape and our Super Gran Moe Tonga is proof!  Moe started on the Superbody programme on 12 Nov 10.

She started with overall conditioning exercises 3 days a week plus cardio 6 days a week to get her fitness levels up.  I haven't taken it easy with Moe, and she wouldn't want it easy either, and I've given her plyometric exercises that alot younger people would find challenging. 

In 8 weeks Moe's lost 8.4kg which is great steady weight loss.  Her body has changed and has dropped 10cm off the waist, 8cm off hips and 7cm off her thigh.

She's just into her third programme where the focus will be on strength which means increasing her weights and decreasing her sets while maintaining her cardio regime.  Watch this space for how much more super Supergran will be!

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