29 Nov:  Since his last weigh in on 14 Nov, Dave has lost another 4kg and is now down to 79.3kg.  With a week to go before contest he's on track to show some good lines and muscles on stage.

The other great affect of Dave's weight loss has been on his Mum Deb.  Deb has been on the same diet as Dave since 31 October and has lost 3kg of her own!  Her diabetes and cholesterol has gone down and she's got more energy in the gym.

Love to see healthy happy families! 

left: Dave @ 79.3kg

Dave and his Mum Deb
14 Nov: Dave Ah Kuoi is one of the fine athletes competing at the CLM Bodybuilding Champs on 3 Dec.  Eleanor Stewart has been caning him in the gym and he'd been on a nutrition plan which has been helping him lose weight.  But with 6 weeks to go till contest, he felt he needed to rev things up abit and that is where I stepped in.  

Up until I took over, Dave was still enjoying the delights of bread.  Needless to say, that has since gone and now replaced with cleaner carbs such as sweet potato and rice wafers.  His protein has also increased along with more vegetables.

In 3 weeks, Dave has done a great job to lose 3.6kg by sticking to his diet and being consistant with his cardio and training.  As you can see Dave has got some great mass and we want to hold on to that.  The CLM show is just a fun comp and will be a great starting point for Dave as we (ie me and Elle) have grand plans for him to do a show next year.  Dave will probably compete at the CLM show at just under 80kg,
                        he'll look good and will have a great beach body which is a bonus at this time of year!

                         And what are Dave's thoughts on his diet? 
                        "Diet has been great as it has worked wonders in helping me shed
                         bodyfat and maintain muscle mass. Meals have been easy to prepare 
                         in advance and have kept me fuelled through my workouts but not bloated. 
                         Results have been brilliant, couldn't ask for much more! Thanks Lisa"

                         I'll keep you posted on Dave's progress!
                         Lisa, Personal Trainer

                         p.s if you'd like to get help with your training and eating plan and get your own 
                         Super Body going, email me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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