Elly and Lisa
Holy smokes! check out this superstar in the making.  4 weeks in to his 6 week challenge at CLM Onehunga and Nick Preston has lost an amazing 5.7kg already. 

The latest pic doesn't do him justice (blame the photographer lol), Nick's looking lean and we can see his rippling muscles peeking through during his workouts.  
Once again Elly and I teamed up to whip Nick into shape.  Elly gave him the exercise programme and trained him twice a week, while I monitered and changed his diet twice.  Nick is a dream client as he's super focused with his training/cardio and he was meticulous in writing in his food diary and sticking to the plan. 

Working as a flight attendant isn't easy with the lure of 'delicious' lollies and treats around all the time but Nick was disciplined and always had his meals on time so he wasn't tempted too much.

Our aim at this stage is to get the weight off and after 6 weeks we'll have another goal of putting some mass on his physique.

Lisa, Go Figure
Personal Trainer

23 November 11

Let's see what Nick has to say:

" After going to the gym for a couple of years but not really losing any body fat or gaining any visual definition to lifting weights and feeling like I wasnt getting anywhere fast, I decided that if I was going to spend hours a week at the gym I wanted to get results for the time and money put into it, thats when I met Lisa and thats when things started changing for me .

I had heard people say that nutrition makes up 80% of the results but having never tried a nutrition plan before I was sceptical, basically now im not one bit sceptical. I now see others in the gym that train so hard but with the nutrion plan their results could accelerate further.

I think back and that was me , When I first went to see Lisa I was 76kg and after 3 weeks dropped down to 70kg  The plan Lisa had for me was a 6 week plan to lose 6kg (lean out) I did this in just 3 weeks!!!!!

I certainly found the eating plan managable and with  dicipline and good time management I was able to fit in 30mins of cardio a day along with an hour and a half of weights. The eating plan has become a part of my life and a habit I will keep to build better and better as each day/week and year goes on. And the best part about it all is all the results in this are for ME!!!!!!!!"

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