Fred, Dave, Carolyn and Lisa

Congratulations to my superboys and girl, Fred McFall, Dave Ah Kuoi and Carolyn Vittle on reaching their goal of competing at the CLM bodybuilding comp on 3 Dec.

I planned Fred and Dave's diet plan as part of their 6 week CLM bodybuilding bootcamp and in an amazing coincedence both lost 7.6kg each!  Carolyn had the equally hard road of maintaining her weight and condition for 6 weeks after competing at the NABBA North Harbour comp in October. But as you can see we did it and she looked great on the night.    
Hopefully this will be a starting point for the boys and they'll continue to have a competition goal next year.  It'll be a mission trying to keep Carolyn off the stage now she has the bug lol.

Great working with you guys!
Lisa, Go Figure
12 Dec 11
Carolyn Vittle


Dave Ah Kuoi

Fred McFall


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