Nationals Result
All the hardwork and discipline paid off for Heidi as she turned out great for the NZIFBB Nationals where she won the Open Figure Short.

Left Pic shows Heidi the night before the contest looking very lean and ripped, a little too much so for the NZIFBB so we smoothed her out for the show the next day. 

The off season focus for her now will be building over thickness without gaining too much fat in the process.

Heidi and Lisa at Fitness Expo 29 July 12
Sept Update: After deciding to compete at the NABBA North Harbour Champs in 2011 on an overnight 'whim', Heidi Kruger has decided to do things properly for her upcoming contest and started her contest prep a little earlier this time with me.  And so far with nice slow and steady results.
I began working with Heidi around the time of the Fitness Expo in July.  With her law studies and a Mum to 6 (3 at home), it was going to be a struggle for Heidi to get into a proper cardio routine so we've really had to make her diet work and for her to do cardio when she can.


Heidi had been doing alot of heavy powerlifting style programme so I changed her plan to more sets and relatively higher reps than what she had been doing.  With that, she became leaner and looking sharper.  I have also recommended she do stair work to harden her legs but she hasn't been able to do that regularly.  So hurry up Heidi!!!!
North Harbour 2011

We are thinking about NABBA Nationals but since Heidi does have a hectic schedule with her studies etc, we will see how things go in the next few weeks to see if she can commit to the harder regime ahead.

However, her immediate goal is the NZIFBB Waikato Champs and I think she'll scrub ok for that :).

Get to the stairs Heidi!

Lisa, Go Figure
Personal Trainer


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