Juggling an active job crime fighting on NZ's streets while transforming your body is not easy but my client policewoman Suzanne Wecke is a great multi tasker and managing to do both jobs superbly!

One of the gauges of her improvements to fitness has been her ability to chase the baddies over fences!  She didn't use to be able to but now she easily bounds them in a single leap...well not quite but its good imagery right?
Suzanne has made steady progress over the past 3 months dropping from 64-60kg, and from size 12 to an 8. Now she has to wear men's police pants as none of the girls ones fit her.  Go girl!

We're now into her muscle building phase to get her looking lean mean, and the baddies won't even dare run away and make her jump those fences.

Read what Suzanne says here:

"My job requires a good level of fitness. Anytime day or night I could find myself running, handling people or jumping fences. No warm up and wearing a vest that adds a few extra kilo's it can be challenging at times. Shift work hours don't help with the only places to eat at 3am being drive through takeaways or the snack machines.

After Christmas break it was time to make a change.  I need a program which would be flexible with my work schedule and would get results. And with Lisa's Training and Food Plan, results so far are great.

The first change I noticed was responding to a house alarm. Climbing fences has never been a favorite of mine yet this time I was surprised how easy it was. I have scaled quite a few fences since then and it feels easier every time. Even running or handling people I don't seem to tire as quickly.

People at work began to notice. Id been told by one person I needed to eat more but I just laughed that off. One person came up and asked what had changed. When I asked him what he meant he replied my face was a different shape. Since those first initial comments its been obvious to most that Im on some sort of program and the comments have been nothing but encouraging.

My clothes literally started dropping off me. Belts for our work trousers are worn at 2 notches and I was up to notch 5 on mine just to keep them on.

One day at work I got told to pull up my pants. I did and when I let go they just fell right back down again. Now with 3 new pairs of trousers and a new belt I've already been told I need a new vest as well.

Clothes at home have gone from a size 12 to size 8 so Im looking forward to doing some serious shopping next holiday.

The results so far have been great and the numbers show the changes. Next part of the journey is this months goal and Im looking forward to seeing the results. I know they will come.

Thanks Lisa!"

Suzanne Wecke
April 2013

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