Right! said Fred. Back in mid January Fireman Fred McFall decided he wanted to lose weight to get in shape for the fireman's calendar in May. 

At the time he weighed 96.3kg with 20.38% bodyfat with a fat weight of 19.62kg

left: Lisa and Fred
After much hardwork in the gym and timely cardio, along with a food plan I gave him over the next 3 months, Fred is now down to 82.5kg with a bodyfat of 10.21% and fat weight of 8.43kg. 

Fred's now looking lean and we hope to keep him that way as we don't need him to blow back up to his January weight!

You've done great Fred and thanks for listening...most of the time lol

Lisa, Go Figure
May 2013


 Mid January  Mid April
left: Fred adding extra weight to his cardio.


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