PT Lisa and Michelle

With only 5 weeks to her wedding, Michelle just had another fitting for her wedding dress but eeekk the dress did not fit and she was busting out of it in on the wrong places. 

She wanted to look beautiful on her big day but this would be a problem if she couldn't wear her gorgeous gown.

What was she going to do??

Call me ofcourse! Michelle had been watching the great progress of my other client Karley Feaver - Michelle's workmate - so she decided to get in touch and the rest they say is history.

We didn't have much time to get dramatic weight loss but 4 weeks is plenty of time to lose cms and get her looking great in her dress. But she had to work for it.  The programme I made up for Michelle was a total body workout 3 times a week and comprised plyometric and weight training exercises to challenge her cardio fitness and muscle strength.  She also did 45min moderate pacing walking 5 days a week.  Michelle had been doing RPM and lots of squat oriented cardio which made her legs even bigger.  She has great legs but we want to get them lean and now we're certainly on our way to that!

In 4 weeks, Michelle has dropped 2kg of fat while maintaining her lean bodyfat. Most importantly she's dropped 5 cms around her waist, 7cm off her hips while maintaining her upper body mass to present a lean top half in her strapless dress.
Here is a sample workout I put her through, give it a go!

- Box jumps
- Triset: side to side jumps + pull ups + push ups
- One arm dumbbell pull
- Frog squats
- Superset: bear crawls + spider crawls
- Side to side curtzee with db lunge

Good luck Michelle on your wedding day! Look forward to seeing what we can do with you after your big day.
Lisa, Go Figure


 Spider crawls  Bear crawls                    Side to side curtzee lungs with dumbell


Here's Michelle's thoughts on her Go Figure Training and Eating Plan!

Dear Lisa, Thank you for helping me reach my goal and more. I came to you hoping for a magical potion and I got it. I was obviously doing all of the wrong exercises for my body shape (which you kindly pointed out to me), eating the wrong quantities of food (which you kindly pointed out) and voila I got what I wanted at the end of the 4 weeks.
The routine has been hard work and awesome, I needed the extra push, which you gave me. For others reading this, when you have a goal and a trainer like Lisa, it's easy. Listen to her, she is the professional and knows what she is doing! You've been an awesome mentor through the four weeks, easy for me to get in touch with when I had questions about the exercise or helped me keep focused.

The Go Figure Pasta is yummy as, my favourite has been with stirfry's, soaks up the flavour from the spices. I've actually eaten more food on this healthy eating plan than I would have normally.

So I'd like to say thank you for helping me understand food and the way it works (and fills you up). I can even go onto say that now my fiance has seen me reach my goal and how I did it, he is even asking about you and what you could do for him.

Thanks heaps

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