I'm really enjoying being back on the battlefield of the gym floor getting my troops fighting fit lately.  One of my troopers is Jess Sloane and she's definitely an action figure.  She represents NZ in long distance water skiing, she's also a zumba instructor and a Personal Trainer.

Her big goal this year was to compete in the BSN Athletic Model Competition at the NZ Fitness Expo in July.  But she needed some accountability and direction as she hadn't competed in a contest before so she chose me to get her there.  And so far so good and Jess has made some good gains!

left: Jess and Lisa aka Soldier and Sargent

Mar '14        May '14
Our journey began beginning of March 2014.  As you can see Jess looked good already, she has a great structure but we just needed to add some good muscle on her.  I planned her meals so that she ate more, she wasn't used to the amount but being a good soldier she listened to her sargent and did what she was told.

In 3 months we've managed to increase her lean mass by 2kg and decrease her bodyfat by 4%.


In her training, we have been concentrating on legs and shoulders.  Legs have been twice a week, one is compound exercises while the other day concentrating on specific glute shaping exercises such as lunges, step ups, single leg deadlifts.  We'll probably continue this approach leading up to the show while increasing cardio.
Shoulders have been heavy duty, keeping reps between 6 and 8 for compound movements such as hammerstrength shoulder press and behind the neck smith machine presses to concentrate on the rear delts. I also believe in doing one arm at a time in the hammerstrength press and one arm dumbell laterals as you can focus all your energy into the movement.

The next 6 weeks will be more of the same.  Keeping the weights heavy while cardio in the mornings. We may add an extra slow intensity session at night depending on how things are shaping up.

Foodwise, we'll cycle her fat and keeping her carbs the same each day.  Now its just the matter of the strongest mind rather than the body.  Like most athletes approaching their contest day, they'll be testing their will against their food rather than training, as training is relatively easy. Whereas the battle with food is a constant almost every hour of everyday.

Neverthleless, I know Jess is tough. If she has the will to stand on waterskies for hours on end by herself, I know she can win her battles in the kitchen and in the gym.

Look forward to seeing the siren on stage soon!
Lisa, Go Figure
June '14

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