After a chance meeting one day at my local park where I saw this trio of babes trying to figure out what to do at various execise stations. And I subsequently put them through an impromptu bootcamp.  We've caught up again!

I don't just help out anyone for free but I saw that these girls - Ruane, Lesina and Alana - really wanted to improve their health and fitness so I thought I would step in and give them a structured plan. 

When I was at uni, I had no idea about nutrition and lived mostly on 2 minute noodles!  so I wanted to get these girls (who all live together in the same house, hence flatcamp) off on a healthier foot so they have a basic understand of food and exercise for life.

Alana, Ruan and Lesina
Firstly it was the obligatory weigh in and measure. I didn't do the bodyfat measurement as I didn't want the girls to have hang ups about what % they are.  After they have enough to worry about in their studies.  2 of them are doing medicine and the other is doing electrical engineering.  So very bright sparks all of them.

Instead I wanted to go by measuring around the chest, waist, hips and thighs as its this area that will change as the get into their programme.


Next step was nutrition.  This is probably the most important part of the plan and it showed as we spent an hour talking about it.  Their current eating plan was shocking to say the least and they really werent eating enough and I can't believe how they could have the energy to focus and study without eating well.
I didn't concentrate too much on talking about macros of protein, carbs, fats etc they should be eating, instead I just wanted them to start eating healthy food more regularly.  One of the girls, gets up and has coffee, has more coffee during the day and doesn't eat till mid afternoon - WHAT??!!!!  So I just gave them suggestions of what to do for each meal and how to incorporate snacks in their day to keep up their energy levels instead of reaching for coffee as a pick me up.


Finally, training.  The girls are starting from scratch so at this stage they just need a programme which combines cardio fitness with some bodyweight strength exercises. 

I've written them out 3 separate workouts they can do during the week which would help them get fitter and stronger.  They just need to put in the effort and some sweat - and probably tears :)

Below is a glimpse of a workout I put them through during the long weekend.  Check it out, there might be some exercises there that could be useful for your own workout.

I'll keep you posted on their progress!

p.s if you need a workout plan or Personal Trainer contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !


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