Feel like such a proud but sad Mumma today. My super girl Becs Hildyard is flying away to Wellington. Becs is just a slight wee thing and an accountant. Nothing wrong with being an accountant but I wondered did she really have the right stuff to hit in the gym. And yes she does!  
Since January I've watched her muscles grow. Her efforts in the gym have been outstanding and it showed with over a kg muscle gain while loosing fat. And she has some pretty mean guns to show for it!!

Here Becs writes why she came to me in the first place:


'I came to Lisa in January having had a pretty shocking experience with a personal trainer a month earlier. I knew that I was unfit, having spent the last year working and studying rather than exercising.

Despite this I was put through some intense interval this training to the point I nearly blacked out. Feeling very embarrassed by the ordeal, I took some time out to think about what I enjoyed most about the gym (weights) which lead me to doing some research on women specific figure training.

This is how I found Lisa. In no time Lisa had changed my diet and got me cranking into serious 'big girl' weights at the gym. The results speak for themselves, my body weight hasn't changed (which is incorrectly the metric women seem to base results on) but my body fat percentage has significantly decreased, replaced by a kilo of lean muscle.

I'm feeling better, looking better and am feeling very positive about my training again. Lisa has done wonders to my confidence, and has changed the way I think about exercise and food.

Highly recommend talking to Lisa if you want a healthy lifestyle change.'

Becs Hildyard

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