In her early 20s, Ashleigh came to me beginning of the year wanting my help to get her into contest shape as she wanted do a bodybuilding show.

I didn't want her to fall into the trap of all the wrong things she could do as she goes into her first me when I was in my early 20s! Looking back, I was so silly. Going super low cals and training too much, which probably contributed to my metabolism and hormone issues today. And I didn't want her to start on that rollercoaster.

So a few months down the track now and Ashleigh, who lives chch so all the communication has been via email pics, is proving to be quite the mature and dedicated athlete. She comes from a snowboarding background so she's used to exercise - but also coming with it is her super legs which we need to get down.

No cycling or crosstrainer for this girl, I'm sure she's walked a few hundred kilometres since she started with me but slowly but surely her legs are coming down to match her lean upper body. The harder eating regime is still to come as we tighten her up but I know from our communication she is super focused and treating food as fuel and is satisfied with all that is on her plan.

Ashleigh won the NABBA WFF Novice Tall and 2nd in NABBA South Island Champs!

Ashleigh's thoughts
"I love your nutrition and training plans you send me every month. Since January I knew I needed some direction in this sport and you have definitely given me what I need to progress to where I am today. Each month I look forward to new challenges and a mix up of my nutrition plan, I never feel deprived of anything as the balance you put in place steps up to the mark every time. You are always so supportive and give me all the right advice when I need a little extra boost! I look forward to the next 9 weeks and what you have I store for me! Forever grateful for your help :)"


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