Heather Willetts gave herself a super body for christmas present but it happened because alot of hard work.

Check out her transformation below!


'How to lose weight FAST after christmas' that's the sentence I'm sure many will be asking uncle Google this festive season but no doubt all you'll get are promises from companies offering miracle pills to look your best.

But as you (should) know there are no miracles. Fat loss takes time. Just look at this hottie Heather. I'd forgotten how heavy she was back in April at around 66kg when she first entered her first challenge with Go Figure after having her baby just 3 months before.

She lost weight during the challenge and plugged away for months on her own until recently getting serious and tightening up her diet and trained harder for the Livfit Health Bodybuilding Champs. She's now a svelt 50kg 8 months after she started her fat loss plan and we're working hard to add some muscle for next year's goal.

So after 8 months, she's earned herself a couple of corn fritters and salad which isn't going to wreck her lifestyle because being consistant everyday is key to managing weight - and especially during the festive season.


Here are my tips for those who have weight/fat loss goals next year:
- don't try to do everything at once!
- start with a good healthy eating plan with a little bit of everything ie protein, fats and carbs...and keep up a treat every other day as your safety net.
- once you're in good eating routine, add some walking or go to gym twice a week.
- once you're in good routine for both eating and training you can start to be stricter with your eating and/or increase your training.
- keep your water intake high
- stick to your eating and supplements routine
- and most importantly tell your friends about your new plans as they'll keep you accountable and provide you a support network to keep going.

Festive season is to be enjoyed with friends and family and eating is a big part of the gathering. You can still enjoy your treats, just don't go overboard and moderation in everything!



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