Jemma's awesome transformation!  


I see so many posts online from people asking for the best fat burners, best diet plans, best this, best that to lose weight. Whats the answer?

The best mental attitude is the answer! my client Jemma Wright here didn't use fat burners or pre workouts but she managed to lose 5.5kg and 8% bodyfat in 9 weeks in the leadup to the Livfit Health Bodybuilding Champs. Taking 20mm off her thigh in the process eventhough the pics don't do her justice.


What made me most proud was her change in posture and confidence. When I first met her she was hunched and shoulder blades rolled forward because she wasn't happy with herself. Eventhough she has the best personality, she wasn't quite comfy in her skin. But wow, look her now! She's built some great delts and has loosened her shoulders and standing taller proudly showing her new body. Plus she's got a great set of abs ....bow chicka wow wow.

So forget about fat burners and thermos, just stay focused on the eating and training plan your trainer and/or nutritionist gives you. There is no magic pill, the magic happens in your brain and how much you want it!



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