If you want to get your body looking great for Summer and beyond. You should join my Super Body Personal Training Programme!. The Super Body programme is an individualised training and nutrition plan which aims to help men and women achieve their fitness, muscle building and fat loss goals.  
The Superbody programme offers you:

* Analysis of your current diet and exercise plan
* Your own online personal trainer available at your finger tips
* Individualised eating plan to suit your needs
* Exercise variety and periodisation of your weight training plans       
* Ongoing advice and motivation to keep you on track
* Lots of fun!

I'm based in Mt Eden Auckland and can be contacted on 021 318660
or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



  The Super Body programme is not just about shaping the outside body, I’m also interested in helping shape your inner confidence. Through working to build and shape your figure or physique, you’ll feel more empowered and ready to take charge of other challenges in your life.


 Over the years I have helped numerous clients achieve their success in :
* Bodybuilding competitions
* Weight loss
* Muscle building
* Strength and conditioning for daily life

Fees and Services
The fee for the Super Body programme is $100 and covers analysis of your current diet and exercise regime and a NEW exercise and diet programme. Applicable to Online and One on One training

Online. Thereafter a $65 fee session applies to review and update your programme.

Let me help you!!  I’m here and ready to help you as an online or One on One Trainer

One on One Personal Training

Seeing a personal trainer is a great way to make yourself more accountable and achieve your fitness goals at a faster rate. I know if you came to me once a week (at the least) you’d be less likely to indulge in those treats and will be consistant in your workouts generally!  With consistency you’ll be able to progress much faster than if you did it yourself.Depending on your fitness goals and state of fitness, I can design and implement training sessions which can be a combination of resistance, cardio and circuit training. 


As I get bored easily – I will come up with different ways to torture (oopps I mean challenge) you with each training session.  We’ll use bodyweight exercises, free weights, medicine balls, machines and anything else to keep our sessions challenging and of course fun at the same time.  We’ll also use different rep ranges to continually stimulate your body (and mind) to activate changes in your body.

As part of your one on one training with me you’ll get regular bodyfat and caliper testing to track your progress… as well as lots of pics to see your fantastic changes too!

The cost is $60 for one hour, if paying per session. Alternatively, you can purchase a block of 10 sessions for only $500.

Call me on 021 318 660 to make an appointment today!

Online Training

Then online training is an ideal way to get fit and look great at a mouse click away. The Super Body plan will save you time and money by delivering effective and affordable fitness programs right to your computer, wherever in the world you are.

I have had many successes with bodybuilding/figure athletes and regular gym bunnies alike through designing and liasing with my clients online via email and phone chats. Maybe you're a busy professional who can't find the time to hire a personal trainer in the conventional way.

Or perhaps you live in a rural part of New Zealand or the world without access to personal training advice, or you’ve just heard (and seen!) great things about the successes of the Super Body programme!

I have designed numerous eating and training plans for clients all over NZ, Australia and the World. Through constant email contact I’ve been able to help athletes achieve their body and bodybuilding goals. The key is trust and accountability.  I trust that you’ll do the exercise and nutrition plan stated and also be accountable for your actions!!  If you’re prepared to be self motivated and disciplined, then you’ll get results with the Super Body Programme.

So, if you're really serious about achieving your weight loss/fitness goals, but you cannot commit to conventional personal training sessions, join the Super Body programme today and receive all the expert guidance you need.

Email me now! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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