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Penne Clayton of Whitianga first started with me in early 08.  She experienced 5kg weight loss during her 8 week challenge, but then went slightly AWOL towards the end of last year.  But this year she's reimerged stronger and more determined than ever to achieve THAT body.  I know deep down Penne wants to compete in a Shape comp (oops the secret's out Penne so you got to do it chicky) but here comes the catch.

Shape competition is still about having muscle and muscle tone and she did take a little convincing when I said to her we needed to 'beef' her upper body a little bit.  I could just see her deleting my email at that thought.  Afterall, what girl wants to beef up when she wants to loose weight!?  I reassured her she won't get BIG but we do need to change her weight training regime so she can achieve a more athletic figure.

So far Penne's weight training hasn't been too challenging.  Sure she's gained some tone and lost weight but Penne needs to grow and that's where I come in with a serious muscle building plan.  This meant she needed to join a gym to get access to heavier weights. In her current regime, Penne's training 3 days a week with plenty of rest in between days so she can recover.

She gets plenty of cardio from teaching dance but since Penne's got that hardcore attitude this year, she's also incorporating more walking to keep her legs lean. We found out last year biking was making her legs too big to fit in her 'skinny' jeans. 

Penne not only has me pestering her but she's also got herself a hands on PT to kick her butt as well. So now she has 2 task masters to keep her on her toes and enjoy her training again.

I sense that Penne's in a good headspace and with a little more encouragement and more whipping in the gym, we'll see her on stage this year.....hopefully!

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