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Overall Winners
Paul McSweeney Pic

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The NZIFBB Pro Am showcased the best in NZ amateur figure, bikini,male bodies and the cream of NZ's Pro athletes in the 212 class and ofcourse the 11 awesome bikini Pros, including current Ms Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser, who took the time to venture down under to show off their bodies for us. 

The prejudging ran super efficiently with the show taking just over 2 hours to complete, this awesome effort must go to Kenny O'Malley's partner Bianca who was in control at both day and night show.  During the contests we some great talent come through in

Australian IFBB Promoter Tony Doherty and NZIFBB Present Moe Moussawi
the bikini classes which is making this class harder and harder to judge as the level has shifted to another gear. Some standouts include Russian Olya who nudged out the equally gorgeous Aimee Chitty to take out the Open Tall title. Fellow russian Olga also presented a great bikini body to take the Nov Short title.  The Open Figure Short was a rematch between Sheena Martin who was fresh from her 2nd place at the Arnold Classic and cutie Camilla Payne.  Both had great walks and presented themselves well but perhaps it was Sheena's slightly leaner body that edge her out. Sheena went on to win the Overall and her Pro Card.

Sam enjoying the spoils of victory

While there was a sea of bikinis, there was only 9 figures in this show.  They were 9 great figures though! All the girls were in great condition and presented their bodies well on stage with confidence.  But all eyes were on Jess Coate and the crowd were there to see what a 3rd place at Arnold Class looks like and Jess didn't disappoint.  She was still looking lean, full and ofcourse capped out with those great dets that helped her win the Overall Title here too.

The sold out crowd for the night show
Like the bikini, the Physique Men's class is going from strength to strength and the standard is getting higher with each show.  Generally the winners on the night were big lean guys with great abs, and mega watt smile. The toughest class was probably the Open Men's with Sam Andrews, Daniel Mazzola and Paul Kennerly.  All these guys were in great condition but perhaps it was Sam who had the better symmetry that won him the class. 

Hopefully its not sign of the future of bodybuilding but there was only about dozen male bodybuilders at this show! The Junior Men's winner has made some great changes since the Nationals as he was looking leaner and fuller.  I think the Novice 70-80kg class was probably the best line up on stage for their condition across the board. The other great watch was the Open Men class with Andrew, Geordie and Sam showing off their cuts and great condition. However it was Sam who took out his class and eventually the Overalls, which meant he finally receives his dream of a Pro Card.  That dream of Pro competition was quickly realised as he was up against some of the best of the kiwi and international Pros later in the evening.

Talking about Pros, it was great to see the Bikini Pros on stage showing us how the Pros do it.  From their immaculate hair and makeup (I believe this was done by our own kiwi lass Gina Petrie Make Up artist), nails, the way they walked and posed on stage, all their moves were utterly professional and no doubt an inspiration to all the bikini athletes out there.  The contest was won by current Olympian Ashley Kaltwasser but the kiwis weren't too far behind with Jade MacKinnon and Sheena Martin placing 4th and 5th respectively.
With the house lights down, the spot light was on Evan's monstrous body as he wowed the audience with his routine.

After the crowd were warmed up from the above monster, they were ready to cheer on our local heroes Mie Debenahm, Teina O'Malley, Joe Ulberg and Salah Ibrahim as they took on international giants Petr Vanis and Jose Raymond.  The crowd really got into the spirit cheering on the kiwis to pose their butts off and made sure everything was flexed and to be the biggest they can.  The kiwis didn't look out of place against the more experienced Petr and Jose, particularly Mike and Salah who revelled in being compared to them.  But it was the super huge and vasular Jose who had cuts on cuts, and vein on vein that won the comptition. 

But I think it was bodybuilding that won the night as there was a great encouraging atmosphere throughout the show from the amateur classes to the Pros.  Congrats to Moe Moussawi for putting it all together and investing in NZ bodybuilding by bringing the Pros so they can inspire the local industry.

Lets see how Moe's going to top this year's effort next year!
Lisa, Go Figure
March 2014


'Go Maddi' shouts out Mum

Emma-Kate Putnam
Hayley Freeman

Novice Figure Short
Jules 2nd, Nicole 1st
Novice Figure Tall
Vendula 2nd, Shannon 1st
Open Figure Short and Senior Figure
Elysha, Heidi, Jess
 Jess, 1st Open Short and Overall
Elysha, 2nd Open Short
 Heidi, 1st Senior Figure
Open Figure Tall
Janelle 2nd, Tamar 1st

Novice Bikini Short
Kate 1st and overall novice                  Elena 2nd
Cushla 5th
Novice Bikini Tall
Gypsy 1st                                         Claire 2nd
Chantelle 3rd                                    Brogan 4th
 Olivia 5th
 Open Bikini Short
Sheena 1st            Camilla 2nd          Olga 3rd               Kim 4th


 Open Bikini Tall
Olga 1st                                            Aimee 2nd
 Monica 3rd                                         Kalli 4th  Stacey 5th

Novice Men's Physique Short
Omid 1st                 Stan 2nd
Alvic 3rd David 4th


Novice Men's Physique Tall
Open Physique Men Short
 Alan 1st             Marjohn 2nd           Michael 3rd  Ants 4
Open Physique Men Tall
Sam 1                    Daniel 2               Paul 3

Open Bodybuilding Men 0-80kg
Stan 1st, Kelvin 2nd
Open Men 90-100kg, Over 100kg
Sam 1st 90-100kg and Overall
Andrew, 2nd 90-100kg
Geordie, 1st o100kg

Teenage and Junior Men 
Tom, 1st Jnr Michael 2nd
Callum 1st Teen
Novice Men 70-80kg
Cody, 1st                                            Isaac 2nd
Chris 3rd
 Mo, 1st u70kg

 Novice Men 80-90kg
 Over 90kg
 Darren 1st                                         Mando 2nd                                                          
Carl 1st o90kg and overall

 Happy Snaps!
 Lisa with Evan  Pro Bikini Babes  Tony and Amanda Doherty
 Tarren and Gina  Aimee with the Pros  Gina, Jose and Aimee
New kiwi pros
Sheena and Amy
Top 5 Bikini Pros

Sam and Sheena

Pro Men
 Evan and Moe  Jose Raymond!!!
 Mike D and Lisa Kiwi Pros. Salah, Marc,
Mike D and Mike K.
 Jose and Nov Phys Short winner
Teina, Mike, Sam, Joe Dynamic duo Salah and Marc  Brothers Teina and Kenny
 Joe Ulberg still looking great!
 Jose's amazing condition

Young gun with the master
 Petr Vanis from Germany
Fitness Girls
Emma-Kate, Maddi, Hayley
 Supry and Elysha Separated at birth!
Hayley and her twin
Nov Fig Short Open Fig Short and Sen Fig
Elysha 2 and Jess 1. Heidi
Nov Fig Tall
Vendy 2, Shannon 1
Open Fig Tall
Janelle 2, Tamar 2
Jess with her class and
Overall Medals
Michelle looking gorgeous
as usual with Janelle
Emma-Kate and Larissa  Shannon and Janelle

Hot couple The russian invasion
Olga, Olya and Katya
Dream Team
Jess, Sheena and Aimee
Alma and Jnr Men winner
Nov Physique Tall Open Physique Short
Nov Physique Short Nov Phys Short winner  Open Physique Tall
Great legs Geordie Nov Bodybuilders

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