Pro Bikini and Men Pics

Click here for NZIFBB Pro Am Amateur Pics and Report

 Pro Bikini
Ashley 1st Stacey 2nd
India 3rd Jade 4th
Sheena 5th

Guest Poser Evan Centopani

 Pro Men

First Call Out
Second Call Out - Just the Kiwis!

Jose Raymond 1st
Petr Vanis 2nd
Mike Debenham 3rd
Salah Ibrahim 4th
Sam Mohammad 5th
Joe Ulberg
Teina O'Malley

 Happy Snaps!
 Lisa with Evan  Pro Bikini Babes  Tony and Amanda Doherty
 Tarren and Gina  Aimee with the Pros  Gina, Jose and Aimee
New kiwi pros
Sheena and Amy
Top 5 Bikini Pros

Sam and Sheena

Pro Men
 Evan and Moe  Jose Raymond!!!
 Mike D and Lisa Kiwi Pros. Salah, Marc,
Mike D and Mike K.
 Jose and Nov Phys Short winner
Teina, Mike, Sam, Joe Dynamic duo Salah and Marc  Brothers Teina and Kenny
 Joe Ulberg still looking great!
 Jose's amazing condition

Young gun with the master
 Petr Vanis from Germany

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