There are 4 main bodybuilding federations in New Zealand and sometimes its a minefield to decide which one to compete in.  So to help you decifer what classes are available in various organisations, we've done an overview for you to narrow your decision.

If you're a novice, the first decision is to compete and set yourself a date goal then choose the organisation which has the closest date to your goal.  If you don't quite reach it, they'll also be another show.  Don't get stressed out by which one. Decide after you've competed that you actually like bodybuilding competition and all its challenges, then perhaps choose the path of which organisation you like.

All organisations offer the bodybuilding classes so in the end it just comes to your preference or which one your friends is doing.  In the end, its about having a goal and living a healthy lifestyle, and bodybuilding competition is just an element!


INBA International Natural Bodybuiding Association
INBA is the only drug tested federation in NZ where athletes must supply a urine sample at the beginning of the contest day.

The INBA offers men's bodybuilding classes from teenage to ultra grandmaster 60+, and novice and open classes in short and tall.
They also men's model class and the popular Men's Physique. However in INBA Men's Physique you'll be required to do compulsory poses like in bodybuilding.

Men's Model                    Men's Physique

NABBA has the Men's Bodybuilding and Athletic Classes. 

The Men's Bodybuilding ranges from Teenage and Junior to Novice and Open classed according to height.  There is no weight restrictions in bodybuilding.  The Bodybuilding class is judged on mass, symmetry and condition.

However in the Athletic Class, athletes need to achieve a certain weight to height ration therefore people competing in this class will be leaner and rely more on conditioning to receive judges' attention.


Men's Bodybuilding

Men's Athletic


NABBA WFF has 2 sections.  The NABBA section there is no weight limit and athletes can be as heavy as they like in their height category and the judges are looking for mass, symmetry and conditioning.

In the WFF section, athletes are set a weight limit according to their height so in this class athletes tend to be more lean than the NABBA section and athletes in this class sometimes achieve better conditioning.

Men's Model.  Athletes in this class generally are not as muscular but still need to be athletic and present a good physique.  The class is judged in 2 parts.  In part 1 they do a T model walk in a pair of shorts they like with a fitness accessory if they wish.  In part 2 they enter into a comparion round with their competitors doing quarter turns.

WFF Athletic

NABBA Bodybuilding
Men's Model


NZIFBB offers age and weight classes from Junior to Masters Men o50+, while the weight classes range from u65kg to o100kg for novice and open athletes. In these classes judges are looking for well muscled and symmetrical physiques which display muscle detail.

In recent years, the Men's Physique class has taken off in this federation and regular attracts large lineups in classes ranging from novice to open men, short and tall.

Generally judges are looking for athletes who have good symmetry ie wide shoulders, narrow hips with calves and biceps that match in size.  They need to be well muscled with good full muscle bellies but don't need to be too vacular.  Judges are also looking for a well groomed athlete who show great stage presence who can pose effortlessly on stage showing their physique.


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